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  1. Run the edge of a brick over it - it shouldn't scratch a sapphire but it will ruin it if its acrylic :)
  2. Awesome! I had one of those pandas, looks awesome!
  3. Most should be older than Rolex, I think its 1905.
  4. Yea so much friendlier! Eye-contact and a "Hi" to let you know they saw you, but no effing pressure like across the way. Their historic stuff is awesome!
  5. Have any of y'all been to the new Omega boutique store at the Natick Mall (Mass.)? It's right across from the Turdneau, and man its a nice store with almost all conceivable models on display. Some really nice Omegas that you don't normally see in stores. Even the panda Speedy that's somewhat tough to find! However, I still don't understand how these stores can afford the rent - they have 6 employees, huge floor space, and a handfull of tiny little wristwatches...in a recession I guess costs are offset across the entire company, worldwide.
  6. I owned one, it was a fantastic watch. I think they were a limited release for the Japanese market a few years ago? They have one at the Omega boutique in Natick, Mass.
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