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  1. Amazing. If true, I'll probably buy it... Gotta see the prices first :D
  2. I'd go first generation. I don't like the 5 lines of text on the second one (I'm also not a fan of that blue, a bit too bright, well at least in pics anyway - I when I first saw it it reminded me of a novelty watch)
  3. Abelard

    Daytona Help

    I much prefer the stainless model, why not just go stainless white dial if you already have a bunch of black dials?
  4. Old Version. - easier/cheaper to service - cleaner dial that plays well to the Pelagos' tool'ish look
  5. Abelard

    21st Watch

    Congrats on your upcoming birthday and eventual graduation! You have very generous parents. Of the three you've narrowed down I'd choose Rolex Explorer II 216570. You definitely should try one on in person to see how it fits on your wrist. It is a pretty big watch and I enjoyed my time with it. Here is the polar version, but the black looks pretty awesome too.
  6. Amazing photos Will! Glad you like it. I'm stunned with how quickly you were able to write this review.
  7. I like the idea that a Daytona or Sub is cliché, but somehow other models are not. It's Rolex, it is one of the most recognized brand names in the world, and far and away the most recognized luxury watch. Yes, there are a boatload of Subs out there (I think you'll find that Daytonas are tremendously less common, they're a watch nerd favorite, but you couldn't give one away twenty years ago, and there are still stores out there today that pretend to have waiting lists and don't put their steels in the case, not to mention a lot of people don't like crossing into the fifth digit for an all steel watch, and your average Rolex customer -hard as it is for us to believe- doesn't know what the word "comnplication" means), but cliché and iconic are different things. If I wanted a watch I was confident no one else had, I'd steer clear of Rolex. I just find that wearing a watch because it's what others have and not wearing a watch because it's what others have are two sides of the same coin. Wear what you like. Not trying to criticize your reasons, I actually think you have a fantastic list there that would make for a very nice and fairly rounded collection, just giving my two cents. My Rolex "collection" is currently just my Milgauss and Hulk. These will not be my last Rolexes by any means, Lord willing. I try not to plan my collection too much honestly, but if I had to say one watch that I really have my sights set on right now, it would be either a platinum Daytona or white gold Sub / GMT. I'm a sucker for the weight, and feel like any of these would have good value retention; just hard to pull the trigger on something at that price. I'd also like to have a nice dressier strap watch at some point, possibly a Prince, but this is one of the few areas it's hard for me not to stray from my Rolex fetish and start looking at some of the other excellent options out there.
  8. Gr8 review @timuS .... and lovely photography ... maybe I should bring cpl of my watches over to you for getting some nice shots clicked BTW, would like to know what you were trying to do with the impact drill with the watch still on your wrist ?
  9. The font on the date wheel looks off. The pictures show the date to be "25" and I was able to find a genuine Mark XVI photo on the web showing "25" and they look quite different.
  10. What do you guys think, worth bidding on it? I have a few IWC's with the 8541 and the 8541b and the movement on this watch seems right but I never seen a dial like this one and can't find it in the catalogs. The seller assumes its a proto type or test dial. I need to know asap if it could be a real one so I know how much I will bid on it before the auction ends. link to the watch moderator: please leave the link in description, I'm not a advertiser. My name is Andrew from Birmingham UK the 8541 expert, a lot of members should know me and I helped also a lot of people with questions in this forum. I'm a 4 years member on this forum but can't get access to my old account because of the difficult passwords asks for this forum, and my Hotmail account which I used to register is expired .
  11. Hi Suttoinsydney. I got my 3777 from J Farren-Price in Sydney. They were really good to deal with and highly recommended. Good Luck!
  12. I have the oem croc with the OEM clasp. Personally, I love it but you have to decide whether or not it is worth the cost to you. Perhaps you can shop around and see if you can pick up a used clasp on WUS or ebay to save some money.
  13. Abelard

    New IWC Failure

    Sorry to hear about that. It's a gorgeous watch and I would hate it too if I had to see it leaving my wrist for repair. Hopefully they will take care of it, and quickly.
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