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  1. Yep. Grey looks more versatile, but blue more sporty. I'd make my decision based on what other colours are in the collection.
  2. So this is not normal? Thoughts???
  3. That looks great on you! I saw it online and wasn't a fan, but it's very cool!
  4. is those the original hands-or serviced hands from rolex? the lume looks extremely white if their original
  5. Fellow nutters... I'm looking to add the Mark XVII, however the Speedy would have to go; would you do it? My current collection includes a PO 8500, Speedy (Cal. 1863, from JAN14), PAM 005, Tag Heuer 1000 and a Luminox Black Ops. In the process of selling a PO 2500 and a Speedy X-33 1st Gen. I've had a soft spot for Schaffhausen, and naturally for IWC. I like the simplicity of the Mark XVII, and it hits all the marks in my book...but so does the Speedy. I know this is the IWC forum, but nonetheless, have at it. TIA
  6. TS, hope you don't mind me adding on to your thread. I was wondering the same same thing for mine, if it's a redial. I bought it not too long ago and am lacking in experience with vintage dials as well.
  7. yeah my only qualms about the portofino automatic is that the backing is really subpar for a watch of this price.. i mean so what if the stainless steel version is supposedly the cheapest of all iwc watches? by slapping it with a plain silver backing just makes the watch look extremely cheap.. it would have been nicer if they chose to go with the sapphire backing
  8. I've read quite a bit on the Portuguese models. My take is the stunning looks and sheer beauty of the dial is what makes most people buy the watch. I've read so so things about reliability and there are probably many more accurate watches in the 10-12,000 list price range. But people live with the faults and issues. I've read more than a few comments from people that said the timekeeping is average to good at best...but they keeping commenting about the beauty the watch and how great it looks. The "who cares" about what time it keeps and just key me stare at the beautiful face of the watch. Kinda doesn't make sense at times, but that's the boutique watch market. - now Free
  9. Very tough call. I have and love the Mark XVI. Bought it (new) six years ago and love it as much as the day I bought it. So far, it has been extremely accurate and reliable. Personally, I think the 3706 is a bit more casual and might be a better fit given your current line up. That said, you can't go wrong either way.
  10. bombah

    Buying a new IWC 3714

    if this is your first IWC buying experience, grey market is definitely not recommended. If you must at least do it in person and definitely not order via some online site or ebay sellers. There are used authentic IWCs sold as new in new boxes and with recently dated warranty cards (it is not that hard to find empty warranty cards that are hand filled by grey sellers) or there are replicas, coming very close in details to the real ones. Go to an AD and negotiate at least 15% down. AD list is on the IWC webpage. With time it'll be easier to get comfortable once you get to know the sellers and staff at ADs etc. some ADs will have used IWCs that you can get heavily discounted but finding the exact model will be take some time. Best wishes for your search Ray
  11. bombah

    Is this a fake?

    Obviously because someone is trying to pass it off as a real one. Thanks!
  12. I just bought it; a dream. Absolutely my most stunning watch. A couple questions. 1) How many of these were produced? 2) Is the bezel as well as the rest of the watch real ceramic? My ceramic panerai have never ever scratched. 3) Is it me or does the big second hand look bent at the edge (looking from the side; perhaps glass is distorting it visually?) 4) The watch didnt come with c.o.s.c certificate. O.K.? 5) Where can I buy vintage leather strap for it? Thanks
  13. I'd keep the only IWC I currently have, the 5001-07. Should get my Santoni strap soon so I can switch it up from the Navy Blue.
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