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  1. Haha just more to curious as how capable is my sweet ROLLIE and improve my horology knowledge! Cheers!
  2. Does this means that usually lefty watch run slow while righty run fast? As lefty wear it on the right wrist and always in the crown up position while walking, running or anything ; righty is totally opposite (crown down always).
  3. I was thinking that the watch position ( crown up or crown down while wearing the watch on the left vs right wrist ) will affect the accuracy?
  4. I am wondering if someone is wearing a watch on the right wrist (lefty) lose more seconds compared to those who wear it on the left wrist (righty)? As from what I have know, one's watch will be losing more seconds per day with the crown up position. Time to learn from the expert here! Best regards, Dickson Lim
  5. Padi, thanks for the reply. Noted and much appreciated! Actually I do think it will cause eventually little or no harm at all, just look at those vintage watches survivied until today.
  6. Cheers fellow watch expert here, As usual, I went to get some window-shopping during the weekends. I saw one small repairshop with some watches with it, walked in and have some WIS talk with the shop owner. The owner is smart and knew that I owned more than a few watches. He told me that for those automatic watches, manually winding them daily is not a good habit as it will destroy or wear the tiny parts like the mainspring of the movement faster. I have some little puzzle as manually wind all my watches(automatic and manual wind watches too) in the morning has been part of my daily routine. I got a watch winder but I do not like to use it as I like to stay 'connect' with my watch better than let them rolling in the winder without the owner! Is that shop owner telling facts? Should I concern about this issue? Hope the experts here will help! Thanks in advance. Cheers, Dickson Lim
  7. I think the OP mentioned case and back, not only caseback. Then the price seems to be .. 'reasonable'. Anyway, I think you can source some middle case and caseback from those trusted vintage seller like Steve Muholland. Best regards, Dickson Lim
  8. Welcome abroad. RSC will be your safest choice. However it really depends on the model, some vintage can be done by few expert watchmakers.
  9. Gorgeous watch! And of course a wonderful review of the watch. Too bad the watch starts with an awful price tag!
  10. Your family got such a good taste!
  11. This classic is absolutely stunning! The movement is exciting to see, but my knowledge to Omega is not that good, is it the clear caseback installed later on?
  12. In my place, most of the Omega AD is withdrawn!
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