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  1. I'm thinking of doing something like this as well, can someone knowledgeable please weight in? Tia...
  2. Understood and no worries, I'm actually more interested in whether it can be done to an Exp or if I'd need a GMT at this point...logistics first, then it's decision time!
  3. Duly noted. My opinion is that I own my watch, not Rolex NA, and that I'm therefore free to do with it as I like.
  4. I'm wondering what it would take to do this, namely whether it could be done by modding an Explorer II to add the GMT II bezel assembly, or whether one would be forced to go the opposite route, i.e. adding the Exp II hands/dial to a GMT. Can respond either here or via PM, really thinking of having this done. Thanks in advance!
  5. Congratulations, looks great, enjoy it!
  6. I've had mine for over a year, and it's taken several (unintentional) pretty good licks on the crystal, with nary a scratch showing, no matter how I tilt it. Overall it's been a fine watch, keeps great time, and looks great on both bracelet and strap. Be advised, though: that bracelet is *solid*, and so the watch is correspondingly heavy with it on, but it totally changes the look of the watch.
  7. I assume that you're always wearing one, and so only need a one-watch winder. If so (and if not, they sell it in two and four watch versions), this is an excellent single-watch winder, priced at about $150 shipped: http://www.watchwinderstore.com/watc...belair-abn.htm I got the four-winder version last year. It still works flawlessly, is very quiet, and is the only one I've found in this price range that has both programmable direction (Rolexes have bidirectional rotors, so you want to wind the watch in both directions) and number of turns per day (650 works well on both my Daytona and Sub) to prevent needless wear on the rotor mechanism from winding it more than is necessary. Comes with a two year warranty, very reasonably priced and well built. Only issue may be that on the two-watch and up winders, they have one drum per two watches, which can be an issue if you have a watch with bidirectional rotors (Rolex) and one without (Breitling, others). I checked Orbita's database and couldn't find any info on Chaumet, so can't help you there...
  8. Beautiful piece, enjoy it!! Good move to get it with the bracelet; not only does it look great, but also you've ensured that if you want to switch to a strap it's much more economical than going the other way!!
  9. Good point....on the strap it's pretty comfortable, but I personally have an issue getting it balanced : basically, being 45 mm it just wants to slide down towards the "ball of the wrist", and it seems like that deployment clasp doesn't center well on my wrist. I recently got an aftermarket strap w/buckle (Brady parasail), which has a bit of texture that I like more than the finish on the rubber strap, and it seems to stay balanced a bit better for me. Hirsh also makes some nice looking straps, but I'm getting OT here. But other than the balance thing, which one can get around simply by wearing the watch a bit more tightly or getting some of those adhesive discs that stick to the bottom (haven't used those, so can't vouch), it is a pretty comfortable watch. Also, it stays balanced very well on the Omega bracelet (got that for it as well), although then for some the weight might become an issue; that's a sturdy , stout bracelet, and weighs in accordingly.
  10. Yes, the rubber strap on the PO is totally unaffected by water. I've had mine in both chlorinated swimming pools and seawater, no problems whatsoever.
  11. improviz

    Omega Movements

    Also, the depth rating of the watch will figure in to the noise (or lack thereof), as watches with greater depth ratings (such as the 600m PO) use thicker cases and crystals, seals, etc., which will tend to muffle the sound more....and afaik Omega has a little antimagnetic cover that goes inside the case back, which again would work to cut down the noise....all of this may not be present on the Pam, which could alone explain the sound level difference you're hearing.
  12. That's an excellent price, particularly if it comes with a full warranty (or even a partial one via the dealer, if it's the dealer I'm thinking of--I'm in DFW as well). The PO is a great watch, and it's one of my favorites, gets lots of compliments--more, surprisingly, than almost any watch I've got--, and is tough as nails: I've accidentally inflicted a few licks on that thing that I thought for sure would've scratched it up, but it survived unscathed. The black bezel should hold its value better than the orange, as orange is kind of a "trendy" look and may lose popularity over time, while black is the classic look and should always be in. Only danger there is if the oversized watches lose their popularity, which would be detrimental to resale in the same way that the smaller watches have taken a hit now. Btw, is this on a strap or a band?
  13. improviz

    Planet Ocean pic's

    Simply superb, great photos of a great watch. I agree, Omega should hire this guy pronto!
  14. improviz

    My new baby

    Congratulations! I picked up an electric blue SMP a few months back, and am very happy with it, a true classic. Enjoy and wear in good health!
  15. None of my automatics change precisely at midnight. They all change a few minutes after, pretty normal. It was your Explorer that that was the exception to this general rule!
  16. Congratulations, great watch and photo...enjoy!
  17. Googled it, found some nice pics of this stunner: It's a knockout. Can't see anyone being disappointed with it, I'd say get it!
  18. Man, beautiful pix, makes me appreciate mine just that much more! Outstanding watch, enjoy! Amazon actually had one of them brand new a week or two ago, but before I got the chance to post about it here and pass the word, it got sold.
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