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  1. Nice lume shot ! Impressive ! beautiful watch...
  2. Sure, but I don't have it at hand ! And I love this Hirsch, don't you ? I would probably buy an old style speedmaster metalic strap soon.
  3. Better late than never... here is some pics :
  4. Thx ! I just have to make it fit on my wirst and I'll be able to wear it !
  5. Hi there... Yesterday was my day... I finally purchased my first Omega... and consequently my first Moon Watch ! I'm happy, and I'll post some photos as soon as possible !
  6. actually the display back is overrated ! Go with 35.70.50
  7. The French Dude

    My new one

    hmmmm the 8500 make me crazy... Nice watch and beautiful movement ! Love it...
  8. Thank you all ! During the last past year my Speed didn't leave me, I guess this one will get the speed in the safe for a while ! :D
  9. Hi everybody ! Just to show you my new Omega. It's a WatchCo style made by myself. I wait a brand new omega metal band but for this time it's a brown croco. I mounted it some hours ago and I am already in love ! Let's see it :
  10. This is the most illegible dial ever seen ! Don't you think ?
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