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    GMT MasterII ?'s

    I am looking at pulling the trigger on this watch. This guy was nice enough to let me test drive this watch for a couple of days to see how I like it and take it to an AD to have a look see inside. In the mean time I have some questions. The watch has an A SN witch I believe dates it to 1999 can anybody confirm this please? Second question is it only says "swiss" not swiss made at six o'clock. Is this right? The watch has lug holes is that correct for this vintage? How long does it take to open these puppies up and reseal them? This would be my first Rolex and I just want to get some peace of mine from some objective level headed folks . Well you know what i'm saying. Thanks
  2. uksfocus

    ? For Explorer Owners

    I own the 39mm. Never even considered buying until I checked one out in person at the AD, and it blew me away. As classy as it is sporty, sleek in design, and exceptionally comfortable - I had to get it. Now, I will tell you that what I also like about the Explorer I is, unlike my GMT and Submariner, it is unique in that it does not have a bezel which adds a bit of variety to my collection. Now the Explorer II is a equally fine Rolex but, if I am going to buy a watch with a bezel, I would want it to rotate and not stay stationary.
  3. uksfocus

    Video and Pics of the Tudor Heritage Ranger

    That's a cool watch, thanks for sharing! What did Rob charge for it?
  4. Just thought it would be nice to see all the work put into the decoration of the movement. Has anyone done it and how? I know that Thomas Priek of Custom Watch Concepts makes a number of sapphire casebacks for Rolex and I have tried to contact him with no luck up to now. Thomas Preik
  5. uksfocus

    21st Watch

    Hi, I've just found this forum! My 21st is coming up and my parents agreed that a watch would be a perfect gift for me to keep for a very long time and hopefully pass on. I'm incredibly lucky to have a budget of around £4000 which i can add to myself within reason. I'm currently in my last year of University and will move into work next year in London. The 3 Watches on my shortlist are: Rolex DateJust 116234 Rolex Explorer I 214270 Rolex Explorer II 216570 Just to make clear, based the prices on the one's i have found on Iconic Watches which i hear is a reputable site. Which one do you think would be the best choice? If you have any other suggestions in my budget or another retailer please comment
  6. uksfocus

    New 5513

    Absolutely drooling over this 1978 Maxi beauty which turned up today, with a fresh Rolex UK service. Very happy with the lume patina, the condition of the hands and the slightly faded bezel (the lume pip looks like it was replaced). Bracelet is in good shape too with very little stretch. These watches are just so beautiful I think I am now a plexi and vintage addict. My 116610LN and 14060 are feeling jealous!
  7. So I should just leave it and accept watches get scratches all over them and move on still difficult for me.but I do think my ocd is getting a little better lol ,as I don't feel as bad as the watch is 6 months old now not 3 days old like my first thread I made.when I was really bad.cheers.
  8. uksfocus

    Rolex Explorer 1 214270 accuracy

    The less a watch is opened (and tinkered with) the better.
  9. Instead of swapping it for an in-house movement and driving the cost up, I think they should drop the IWC branding and go back to International Watch Co... Looks so much better/more classy on a dress watch IMO.
  10. uksfocus

    IWC Pilot's Mark XVI Automatic Rotor

    Hi guys I just picked up a IWC Pilot Mark XVI which is an absolute stunning watch to look at. My question is, the rotor makes a really loud noise when it moves - almost like a scratchy sound. I've been told that this noise is quite common with this movement, but wanted to get more expert opinions on it.
  11. uksfocus

    Breitling Chronomat 44 GMT vs IWC Portofino

    Thanks for the sound advice. Although I'm generally into large chronograph watches, I am also interested in gaining more knowledge on the quality of the different watches and brands you hear about often. That is why I'd like to know quality-wise what makes the higher end watch brands - IWC, JLC, Rolex etc, better then Breitling - as evident from their starting price, and popularity.
  12. uksfocus

    This Amphibia made me LOL

    Yes, the date wheel is VERY wrong
  13. uksfocus

    A 16 jewel Poljot icon?

    Looks like the same case and dial but I bet it will have a kirovskie movment, 2408. I believe all the ones in the catalogs have the kirovskie 16 jewel non-shockproof movement but, of course, I can't read Russian so I may have missed some. The one you pictured from the catalog says it has a 24mm movement, I believe. The 41m is 26mm. Yours on the right should be stainless steel case with the 16 jewel 41m movement just like the one from which I am removing the movement. I also have one in slightly better shape but with a replacement balance:
  14. uksfocus

    Show your Amphibias!

    Amphibia tonneau with paddel hands: The famous RR: The dude: And the very originals:
  15. Here's a similar watch from the mid-80s: https://plus.google.com/photos/11309...39036073221216 Oh, and Zaria isn't just for ladies ;)
  16. Looks great! Congrats on your Raketa!
  17. uksfocus

    Restoring Vostok Acrylic Crystal

    You polished out "choke" scratches and made it look pretty, brah!!!
  18. uksfocus

    A. Lange & Söhne - what's in a name

    I would in no way call it fraud. Lange is a pretty unusual situation. It was a highly regarded company before WW2. It did not shut down or change hands due to failure. It was a casualty of that war (manufactury destroyed) and could not be re launched till after the reunifacation. Considering Walter was on board for the relaunch of the new Lange and reportedly had and still has some real input into the the designs and their construction to my mind they legitimately have some claim to the Lange heritage. Certainly I dont think you would get much arguement that the new designs pay some homage to that heritage. I dont know that sophistication is required to buy a Lange. There are those that are rich and simply putting a check in the box. Patek, yep, Lange, got some of those... We dont really care about those people though as here I think we are discussing watch people or at least people with enough interest to feel that the brand name carries some merit (or not) with it. I think I am with sinclair on that, IMO the majority of watch people would recognize Lange as being as good as it gets. The question of heritage if it exists at all is secondary.
  19. uksfocus

    a.lange & söhne glashütte 1 sa number 4/500

    You should probably attach a photo.......
  20. uksfocus

    Please help ID model or is it FAKE?

    Hi guys, Revv here. I am new to this. I'm sorry for the quality of this photograph but it is all I have to go on. Do you know the model of this watch or do you think it is fake? Any feedback is appreciated.
  21. uksfocus

    Starting out...

    I used to buy on fleaBay frequently. Now I purchase watches exclusively from forum members. I second purchasing from here or the Seiko and Citizen forum because reputable forum members are fellow collectors and are more likely to respond to questions and concerns about their watches. Just be sure to research the seller as you would research the watch. Sellers who actively post on the forum with meaningful posts are, in my experience, often a pleasure to deal with.
  22. uksfocus

    Understanding Seiko Watch Numbers

    Very nice. By the way are you going to add case numbers to the database ?
  23. uksfocus

    Promaster SST and Seiko vs Citizen Question

    I looked to the SST but find myself drawn to the Skyhawk AT. One thing that i noticed recently is that Virgin Atlantic are selling these on board now for £280 with crystal glass, not a bad price methinks. Both excellent watches but go on have another look at the AT.