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  1. I did. Had it fixed by AP under warranty although needed to fight for this as they claimed it had suffered a user knock. As it was 2nd hand this could have been the case but the watch was running ok for about 6 months before it started to play up.
  2. Suggest you request a SS Black Daytona and see what he says...
  3. I like it a lot, just showed my wife the pic and she doesn't think its real (little does she know...) - bet you must have got some interesting comments in the past.
  4. One other thing I like about the Hirsch CF strap (apart from how it looks) is that it's water resistent to 100m.
  5. Thanks for the compliment, I've been alternating between bracelet and strap over the last month and have settled on the strap for the time being as I find it's as comfortable as the steel and is waterproof as well as providing a good contrast against my other watches. I also found that I was really easily picking up all sorts of scratches on the bracelet.
  6. Thought I'd post a few pics of my recently acquired 3570.50 on a Hirsch CF strap. It's currently fighting with the SDDS for wrist-time - 50:50 over the last week.
  7. Fearsome Puppy

    What is it?

    Just checked my Speedy Pro bought earlier this year and it's got the same mark. Agree, think its a counterfeit measure by Omega.
  8. Really nice pics, congrats both on your watch and your graduation. Thanks for sharing
  9. No Omegas for me this Xmas, but did pick up a nice 36mm Railmaster for mum...
  10. Congrats, I've just picked up a used PO and put it on rubber oem...
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