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  1. id like to see this thread take off......looking for tools myself
  2. all good except for that snow!
  3. hi, i seem to be only willing to pull the trigger on 2 watch brands:omega and rolex.....ive had a ploprof 1200 on the radar for a while and can't seem to find one for sale bnib or close that isn't on ebay or something...would like to deal with a trusted seller....need suggestions...thanks amigos
  4. DrTom

    Speedy and Grill .....

    forgot to say, nice watch AND nice grill.....timing those steaks!
  5. DrTom

    Speedy and Grill .....

    oh thats funny, i thought it was going to be a pic of the watch and then some dental work!.... hahhah
  6. DrTom

    price increases

    sure they care about wis types....we are their best salesmen.....we do the selling...the 'would you like a bottle of water' guys are just the ones that process the cards...
  7. DrTom

    price increases

    i think omega is moving into rolex $ territory and rolex is moving into the 'leaving the ionosphere' territory....
  8. DrTom

    price increases

    how often does omega increase prices? and idea of how much when they do? thanks
  9. i almost bought that watch...it is very cool....looks great.... good for you bro... love the chrono, love the orange...youll have fun with adding watch straps too!
  10. i think down the road, omegas resale prices will increase on the used market because of the coaxial, twin escapement changes they have made and that their business plan is to go all in house movements.....i think i am balancing my 'watch portfolio' with omegas now...i love my rolex's and....i admit, they are pretty 'brooks brothers' i(I'm dating myself) in style and staying contemporary....ie ooooooh.....blue dial on a mil gauss....instead of coaxial 8500 and 9300.....rolex seems very cautious, conservative and a bit stingy.....omega seems to be investing in infrastructure for the future....it costs more to do that but if they're successful, you'll see omegas in the rolex price slot and if rolex doesn't do something more that blue dials and platinum, their only way up will be putting diamonds on a bezel.....but what do i know... "there's a war going on there for your wrist" Quote:
  11. i don't think there are that many ploprofs out there......hard to find them......so thats why i don't think you got much response to this thread....but other than rubber or mesh,i cant imagine what you'd use other than some carbon fiber job or some other 'bolt on' type of deal...i think its hard to improve on the mesh....i guess maybe some monster ss bracelet deal but then that watch would be really heavy
  12. DrTom

    It this tomuch?

    not only can you pull that off, i think its a good choice.....the orange works with your skin tones (i paint also)......
  13. i have a bnib speedy pro 3570.50 but I'm pretty sure I'm going to flip it, add some cash and get the planet ocean chrono....
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