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  1. For me its the speedy or dj, i love both watches. I have multiple speedy in the past and i will always keep one in the collection. For its price, its a steal in term of the history and importance. And for the DJ, i purchased my milgauss because of it, my dad been rocking a TT DJ for years, that for me is the rolex(more so than the sub). I love everything about it and its a work horse of a dressy watch. It replaces the AT with more character and class in my honest opinion. The BB is nice but i know i will never get much wrist time compare to the sub. The monte carlo inspired HTC just a tad too busy for me.
  2. Here're the scratches on the clasp: But in any case, I'm very happy with the watch. I'm thinking in fact about selling everything else and having only one watch... Yeah,... crazy, I know. Check this out: » One Man, One Watch & Why I Chose The Tudor Pelagos..
  3. Having only one owner would make it more valuable to me as a buyer. But, I vote you keep it.
  4. I personally would get a 16660 gloss or a 16600 in the A-K serial range. Drilled through lug holes and SELs. Personally I think the Luminova dial range is the best. That's why I have several of them.
  5. Hi all, I've been searching for a new watch for the last couple of months. I want a two tone. I do not own a TT watch yet and i find them very attractive. I've narrowed it down to 2 watches, a datejust 16233 champagne dial or a submariner 16613 blue dial. At the moment i own a submariner 114060 and an Omega speedmaster. Both watches I wish to keep, since I love em. I think I prefer the 16613 a bit over the datejust since the submariner is my favorite Rolex model. But then i think, do i really need 2 submariners? What would you do, if you had a 2 piece collection like mine and wanted to add a new watch, TT datejust or TT submariner?
  6. Mens Stainless Steel IWC Schaffhausen Portuguese Subseconds 1943 Or total lie? What do you think...
  7. IWC pilots wear bigger than they are. I have a MK17 on 6.5 wrists and that is borderline big (they are long watches). Id go the mk16 - not only does it look better but it is also wears smaller
  8. gshock

    Is this a fake?

    As someone who has recently discovered the "is it fake" phenomenon it makes me wonder why bother. Now I suspect people ask because they are the ones making the knock offs and want to see if their goods can be passed off to an unsuspecting buyer. Real watch enthusiasts never ask because we aren't trying to pass off our fakes as real.
  9. Thank you Dixan for your write up and pics of a beautiful watch. I have been studying both the Mk XVI and XVII, trying to decide which one speaks to me more. I like the size of the XVII, but prefer the date window of the XVI. Dixan - You mention the functionality of the tri-date window. Did you have any doubts about this configuration, or was it a non-issue from the beginning? Appreciate your thoughts.
  10. Well... LOL... This comedy price is here in my country... Of course I'm very aware that this is not the price in the rest of the world... But I am still VERY curious to see that bracelet with the Portuguese Chrono ! Even tried to google it but with no success.
  11. IWC is already buying the fully completed modified movement from ETA for at least the last 2-3 years.
  12. Yeah, I think the dial feet will determine whether it was a 2 o'clock or a 3 o'clock crown. I don't know if they ever came with the case you just pictured versus the 2 o'clocks shown above, but it should certainly work, that or source a 34 case.
  13. :thanks Beau8 I was googling for "mechanical alarm", and I felt on a review on FAM (a french watch forum) http://forumamontres.forumactif.com/...t=poljot+alarm Stolen pic :
  14. i just don't feel comfortable when wearing smaller sized watches, feels like i'm borrowing my sister's nephew's watches. but maybe that's just me. and as i said up there, i might still snatch the green one, and see how it worked on my wrist ;) i really hope the 090 would wear larger compared to the ministry, since i have one incoming right now ;D
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