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  1. Dave, Congrats on your Sub! Love that watch! That said the Sub is fairly common as luxury watches go. Among a very affluent group at a conference I was at I counted 5-7 Subs out of maybe 100 people? Granted that group LOVES Rolex. Why? They are all hardworking, successful, dependable people. :) One person I work with owns three different black Subs... I'll keep an eye out for you and your Sub around Chicago. -Kevin
  2. I have a RubberB on my Sub which I think has the same lug to lug length. My wrist is also 6.5" and I wear it with like 4 or so holes left to spare on the strap. So I'm guessing even your wife may be able to pull it off.
  3. Thanks Timeless, PM sent. Will, thanks for the endorsement. I've tried all my options on already, but good advice. Internet pictures are certainly not a substitute for seeing a piece on your wrist.
  4. I voted Tudor, because it is not green
  5. It is strange, but I guess authorized dealers in different countries behave differently? Nearly all ADs here automatically offer minimal discount off the sticker price for Rolex, only the most popular stainless steel sports models get the pay full retail sales pitch. The Datejust range in fact is usually offered with larger discount as it isn't as "hot" compared to the sports range. Personally I would walk from any AD that would try to sell me a run of the mill Rolex Datejust at full retail especially after I had just made a purchase a few months ago.
  6. How much was the leather strap on its own ?
  7. Not liking it. It adds another color(4-5th) to the watch which makes my eyes confused at the purpose. But it is your watch.
  8. The 36cm DJ does wear bigger than one would think. Still looks awesome.
  9. I just ordered a photo tent, I should be getting it some time this weekend I hope. Keep your eye's open I should be going ballistic with it. Photos everywhere, I hope.
  10. Ah I see. I might still repair it for my grandpa though, just as a small gift. Thanks for everyone's input!
  11. todd

    Incoming, First IWC!!

    Hello! I'm currently awaiting a black dial Portuguese Yacht Club. I'm very am excited about this piece. Seeing as though it's my entrance into IWC as a brand. I really have been a fan of the Aquatimer and Portuguese line for some time now, but never pulled the trigger on any till now! Being new to the brand is love to hear some fellow member's take on this piece and IWC in general. I've been partial to Breitling, Rolex and Omega in the past. Thanks, and as soon as I get it, hopefully Monday, I will post some wrist shots! :) (Not my pic)
  12. todd

    IWC 3714-45

    Ok the one I'm looking at online is listed as a -45 and it has a deployant clasp but it also has the fish on the crown and the embossed (not applied) numbers. With box and papers. It looks like a good deal but I'm thinking I may not be content now that I've seen the model with applied numbers..
  13. Your best bet is an IWC boutique/jeweler, and they will be opening the case-back as the movement is key for identification purposes. What papers do you have for this watch? Have you acquired more IWC's from your grandfather?
  14. Hi Suttoinsydney, im also considering an IWC Portugese 7 day power reserve but I want to try one on first. Like you it's a present to myself. I I wonder if we would get a better price buying two together from somewhere, any thoughts? i can't tell from Internet pictures if all the bands I'm looking at are dark blue or black..... Maybe I'm looking at both.
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