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  1. I have worn this ZODIAC watch for several years, it has masculine appearance, and its metal bracelet is quite heavy. These days I have always wanted to purchase a distinctive and light mechanical watch with leather strap. Yesterday I passed a watch store on my way home, I was immediately attracted by a Tudor Black Shield at the first sight of it. It looks understated, and its black ceramic bezel is really amazing. Hence I went to the shop to try it on. I surprisingly found that it is pretty light, and the design of its buckle is also nice. Therefore, I brought it home. I show you guys pictures.
  2. The quality of this watch is beyond what I expected. Column wheel and double barrel make this watch have power reserve of 72 hours. Moreover, it has GMT and home time display functions. It has beautiful home-made movement. I am really satisfied with this watch.
  3. 2226 also belongs to JLC. But what's the difference?
  4. babyg

    Dunhill Wallet

    Alfred Dunhill FRSA (30 September 1872 – 2 January 1959) was an English tobacconist and inventor. borrowed from wiki
  5. If you are a budget shopper like me, Olympus E500 is a good choice. Besides, it is very light, good for traveling.
  6. Anyone gives some opinions about the production year of RO 3120? Or what's the No. of your RO 3120?
  7. babyg

    Breitling movement

    And most of movement is polish. Any ideas on polish? Thanks again.
  8. babyg

    Breitling movement

    Thanks for the replies, and other questions. Does Brietling use ETA2824? How about the movement. I saw the watch in a website, they claimed adopted 2824 movement. I guess the watch should be a Rep, but it looks similar with the genuine. Where can I find the movement number of Brietling. Thanks a lot.
  9. Hi guys I had a Britling AVENGER SEAWOLF 3000m. It is marked with Breitling 17 Movement. I want to know which ETA movement it is modified from. So any opinions? Thank you.
  10. babyg

    Casio case back

    I purchased a DW - 5600. This is screwed - in case back, but made in Thailand.
  11. Different strap, felt a new watch, congrats.
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