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  1. Only way to really know is to post up some pictures for us to look at and comment on.
  2. Rolex warranty will cover the movement of the watch, and is really to do with issues in accuracy and/or imperfections that either occurred while being assembled or regulated, or if the watch loses accuracy over the course of the warranty period. Impact damage, shattered crystals, water damage, etc. are not covered by warranty. That being said, the newer the watch, the more likely they are to make pricing considerations. For example, if you drop your watch on a tile floor and break the crystal it will need a new crystal, a servicing, and possibly a new dial or hands depending on how severe it is. This is not covered by warranty. If the watch is a month or two old and this happens, your $1200-2000 repair may come back as a $600-800 repair; with you paying for any replaced parts, but only a fraction of the service / labor. There's no guarantee, but they generally treat people fairly. The only other possibility is if you find an AD willing to offer you an extended warranty on their own accord, they may help out; but I'd make sure that I knew all the details. If it's going to the Rolex service center and the AD is willing to foot part of the bill, awesome. If they offer to repair it in house at a reduced price, it comes down to how much trust you have in their watchmaker. If all is on the up and up, this could still be a good option. Hope this helps.
  3. The black dial looks in the sun coffee-brown, verry nice: My short Story since 2006: And on it goes ...
  4. they're both pretty equally in value IMO. i concur with jrsnow, if you have the extra funds potentially available for the SD, it's a simple matter of taste.
  5. I think I've found my answer... It looks like the case on the 114300 and 214270 are the same (correct me if I'm wrong), so it's 48mm in height.
  6. Oh yeah, I think this is the perfect combo. I'll switch the buckle with the Tudor one in the next days. Awesome this Gunny on the Pelagos =) Loving it 
  7. I agree it is lovely and a lesson to some other brands of how to do a vintage inspired piece. 2 gripes that are not uncommon to IWC despite the perfect design it is too big and too expensive! 11500 CHF with the current exchange rate will be nasty for a steel dress watch with no real complication (don't think a long power reserve counts).
  8. Am contemplating this purchase, but it would be great to get some confirmation that this is an authentic piece. Thank You! Imgur
  9. All struggling to make my mind up on the next collection purchsse. Always been a huge Breitling enthusiast, but the newest model Aquatimer Chronograph has me smitten. Any opinions, images or help would be appreciated. FYI it's this or newest Breitling Colt Automatic Chrono being released at Basel. Cheers!
  10. Value is a personal thing. I have one and it has a timeless beauty, in house movement or not.
  11. hendl

    Minute hand

    If it's a new watch, I would only have IWC work on it as to not void your warranty ... Take it back to the AD and have IWC fix it again..
  12. hendl

    My 1st IWC

    I'm going to second that. Amen, sir!!
  13. if your watch is 3568, and the chrono you refer to is 3767, then the answer is yes. They use exactly the same bracelet.
  14. Give Jeanna at stonecreekstraps.com a shout. She's made me two Breitling straps and is currently working on one for my IWC Pilots Chrono. I am thoroughly impressed by her work.
  15. Of all affordable (less than $60) watches (both modern and vintage) you know, which one is your absolute favorite? Please, if possible, attach a picture to your answer and we will have a fun thread looking at affordable goodies.
  16. I would like to share some real photos of the read army wearing Kirovskies
  17. It's a Vostok, export model, 1970s or '80s. Groovy dial, hands, case and bracelet. Especially the bracelet. What's not to love?
  18. mutantmoments Awesome iteration. I have a Comanderiske in transit from mother Russia. This purchase is a kinda testing of the Russkie watch offerings. Very little ventured. Hopefully everything I wanted gained. Good luck. X traindriver Art
  19. Here I show mine: slls-watches: Sputnik Look at the crown!
  20. Thanks for this. I would much rather have the correct style hands, so I ordered a few things from: "Favinov" on eBay.... - New set of hands - Replacement bezel springs, probably good to have a few laying around - New gaskets, the one inside is pretty beat up. - A replacement caseback, although I might still roll with whats on here. - 2 new 18mm spring pins since mine are all bent. Thanks again for all the info.
  21. I don't think even the movement is correct: 1. Movement is 2628, which is 12 hours /day / date, instead of 2623. 2. Balance bridge is replaced with another without slope. Regards, Miro.
  22. I saw one at a Lange dinner late last year and it's a stunning piece. First looks though we're deceptive: the dial looked plasticky almost like damaged Perspex. But it's not until you get a close up view and handle the watch that you realize how beautiful and clever it is in design and construction. Well worth pursuing if you have the patience. You might contact the Lange Boutiques and express your interest. You never know - at that level someone might get bored and trade one in for an 1815 QP Double Split...
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