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  1. James Bond Films List Dr. No Rolex From Russia with Love Rolex Goldfinger Rolex Thunderball Rolex, Breitling You Only Live Twice Casino Royale Rolex On Her Majesty?s Secret Service Rolex, Unknown Diamonds are Forever Live and Let Die Hamilton, Rolex Man With the Golden Gun Rolex The Spy Who Loved Me Seiko Moonraker Seiko For Your Eyes Only Seiko Octopussy Seiko Never Say Never Again A View to a Kill Seiko The Living Daylights TAG Heuer, Unknown License to Kill Rolex Goldeneye Omega Tomorrow Never Dies Omega The World is not Enough Omega Die Another Day Omega Casino Royale Omega, Longines Quantum of Solace Omega, Hamilton Via http://watchesinmovies.info/the-watches-of-james-bond/
  2. Love mine, I've had it for 8 months now. The only scratches I've had are on the only stainless part of the bracelet. In any case, my only problem is the removal of the bracelet, or ore accurately the impossibility of removing it. I tried everything short of cutting the springbars. Even with a dual springbar tool and downward pressure, it will not come off. Oh, well, I guess it wants to be on a bracelet.
  3. There are a few online tutorials on "DIY" that have the finished product turning out purdy darn good
  4. Hello, So some backstory. I was visiting where my grandpa used to live (where I used to live when I was younger), and I found this watch sitting on his bookshelf. He's in another country right now, so I haven't had a chance to talk to him. I recently was introduced into the world of watches by a friend, and I have had fun researching. I wanted to see if the watch still worked. I noticed that time was stopped, so I winded it up, and shook it a little to hear the spinning. The seconds started to move, which I'm assuming that it's at least an automatic. Here's where I need a little help: 1. Based on the watch detail, could anyone identify the model, and/or if it's a genuine IWC? 2. The "8" fell off (you can still see the back silver of the 8 in there on the side), and I want to take it to a professional for them to fix it as a gift to my grandfather. However, I was also advised by a friend that it could be worth more if left in the original condition (only if it's real, of course). Should I fix it? 3. I would like to replace the strap with a leather one. I just wanted there to be three, so this isn't really a question :) Any help or comments would be appreciated! Thanks for helping me solve this mystery.
  5. anyways.. i have sent back to IWC and its a 1 year warranty that cost $800. $720 for full service and the rest for the pusher and what nots.. 12 weeks to be back on my wrist.. bummer
  6. Thanks for the kind words every one, it is a fun watch. As far as feeling delicate, not to me. I am used to wearing mainly divers that are a little thicker and heavier, and the Mark XVII feels like a well built tool on my wrist. It is not a small watch, it is actualy thicker than my Submariner from bezel to the bottom of the side of the case. The sub just has a protroding case back which makes it sit a bit higher on the wrist and makes it overall just a couple of mm's thicker.
  7. After my first post, I left the chronograph running continuously for about 9 hours, stopped, reset, then fully wound it and left it overnight dial side up. It is now at +4.9 seconds/day Definitely a substantial result what do you guys think? Sent from one of my four iPads
  8. Not sure when my AD will get them in. I know they've gotten in some 5007s but haven't heard about the annual calendar model.
  9. The power reserve version is very nice indeed. The face is a bit chaotic, but somehow it works. IMHO, you'd have to move up to the Portofino 8 Days to even compete with your Zenith. Kudos to you for having actually timed the IWC over 24 hours as it sat in the shop! It's possible that its performance may improve after the break-in period and regular wear. Thirty five seconds really is a pretty serious deviation for a 2892 though...
  10. IWCs seem to be generally overpriced. The markdowns on the grey market are pretty breath taking.
  11. Based on your description of the general style of watches you like, seems like the only choices in the pictured options are the Breitling or the Omega, with the Rolex a distant third at just 40mm and a non-chronograph. The IWC's and the JLC are either too small or too dressy, regardless of their other merits. I've never been a fan of Breitling, but the brand obviously has a loyal following. If that's the watch that has a spell on you, I doubt you'd be happy with any of the others. I think the Omega is a better looking watch, but I can't get past the cheesy (and useless) helium escape valve. I suggest you also take a look at the JLC Master Compressor Chronograph, which you should be able to find used in good shape for around 8k or maybe even less.
  12. No, the blue strap I received from IWC to replace mine did not come with spring bars. Tha santoni strap I also just received did not come with any.
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