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  1. OH man that pic made me think coke bezel!! The Pepsi is out of my price range but is for sure an everyday watch.
  2. Ohh ok!!! Got it. Thanks a tonne for the help.
  3. Yep. Tudor is great, but what you're doing is trading in a Rolls Royce for a Lexus.
  4. tuanfun

    First Rolex

    If in doubt, it is almost always advisable to go with Rolex over the other choice, if for no other reason than holding resale value. Just a heads up, most (at least on the forums) would not consider Rolex to be high end.
  5. Excellent review & pictures!
  6. Great review! Can't wait to see the new movement in the Black Bay...
  7. Thanks guys. Quick question though. I noticed one of my 20 year old springbars is slightly bent. Will the newer standard ones with the grooves work (20mm). The older one I have pictured below has no notches at all and a bit longer when extended. Or should I look for the older type like what I currently have?
  8. Depends which model, I like my Rolexes, but used to own a PAM and liked that too, only sold because it was too big for me
  9. tuanfun

    Incoming! Portuguese

    Congrats! It looks great on you!
  10. Just announced, (or at least within the last week), the new Portugieser Yacht Club Worldtimer from IWC. Its available in 18-carat red gold (Ref. IW326605) and stainless steel (Ref. IW326602). The 18k red-gold model features a silver-plated dial, while the stainless-steel model has a slate-colored dial. Thanks to its 24-hour ring, the Worldtimer function enables easy legibility of 13 time zones including the current Universal Time Coordinated (UTC). The 12 place names on the external city ring each represent a time zone. When passing through a time zone, the hour hand can be adjusted forwards or backwards in one-hour steps also when crossing the International Date Line. Designed for world travelers, the limited-edition 45mm timepiece measures 14mm in thickness and is powered by an automatic movement with an ample 42-hour power reserve. The dial features a railroad minutes track with applied markers for each city's timezone (plus UTC time). The bi-color 24-hour ring circles the inner-portion of the dial, finished with sunburst guilloché in the stainless-steel version, and in matte off-white in the red-gold version. The Worldtimer will be limited to 100 pieces for the 18 carat red gold model; while the stainless steel version is limited to just 500 pieces. The red gold Worldtimer, and the stainless steel Worldtimer will retail at US$26,200 and US$10,400 USD respectively. Visit the IWC website
  11. Looks pretty good! Was also thinking of getting a riveted strap, but am unsure of how it would turn out...thanks for your thoughts.
  12. im a fellow canadian. if youre close to the border like me, i just ship it to a location near the border and pick it up from there. if im buying groceries the border usually doesnt check. or if youre super paranoid. wear it on your way home and ship the box to yourself from the states.
  13. Black vs Brown ---> Go for Brown but if Blue does exist ---> Go for Blue
  14. Thanks to monopolise the stock left of druzbas, kosmos, poljot and raketa amphibia, ....WE HATE YOU XD But thanks for share is a lovely collection!
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