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  1. I suppose its a no-brainer.. especially since they give you back the replaced parts. Thanks for the help!
  2. Hello, I just purchased my first Speedy Pro -1976. Its in great overall shape. But as you might expect from any 30+ year old watch its got some wear. The dial, hands and bezel all have that faded vintage look - "patina" as some may say. The lume is all but gone. I sent it to Omega for a full service and they have given me an estimate for replacing all of the parts. (forgot to take pics of it before I sent it) So, the question is: If price we not an object, would you replace the dial, bezel and hands for a new look with lume? Or would you keep it with the vintage look? Is there anything special about this year or anything that I should look for which might make the parts unique in this time period? Ultimately, do I ruin the watch by replacing these parts? Please let me know what you think. I am torn! Thanks!!!
  3. I am considering trading in (selling) in my 1978 Speedy Pro to get a newer Goldie Speedy. The Goldie I'm looking at is offered just as the head, without a bracelet, unfortunately. So I have some questions for you Speedy guys: 1. What is your opinion of the Gold vs. SS Speedy (pros and cons and general thoughts)? 2. Do any of you know where I would be able to source a gold bracelet for the Speedy should I decide to make the switch, and how much it would cost? 3. Anyone have a gold speedy with or without bracelet who would want to post pics? I appreciate your input. -Vital
  4. Will be a nice collection when Speedy finally arrives!
  5. Sounds lovely. I passed by the Omega boutique in Vancouver earlier this summer but they had already closed for the day, and I was unable to make it back that way during the trip. But I did make it into the one in on Champs-Elysees in Paris last month. They showed me the gold Speedy (my current grail). What a great watch and hard to find in these here parts.
  6. Really cool collection. Were there any close up pictures of the different dials?
  7. The blue and white is sharp for sure
  8. Nice watch! I would also like to see it with a black bezel; it would frame the subdials well.
  9. My question is: what are you wearing in its place? It would be hard for me to take that watch off. Keep it
  10. I like the date function... The one thing that is missing from the OG speedies.
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