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  1. The '71 Date I purchased at an AD way back at Christmastime of 2000, and it's been my daytime dress watch since. The dealer sold it with a black Italian strap, but I switched it to an aftermarket Jubilee bracelet, and during a Rolex service in 2007 had the gray dial swapped for the sapphire blue. Late last year I took it for service to a local jeweler. He did my '78 5513 Sub a year or so ago, and it's running superbly. The same was true of the Date when it came back from his shop . . . for about three months. Then it began to gain a minute a day! I brought it back to him, as it was still under warranty. He called me just now to say that he cannot find the problem, though I'm right and it is gaining 1 minute or so per day. He asked if he could do the service over, no charge of course, to solve the problem. I told him I appreciated his diligence, and to go to it. So the Date is in the watch hospital, and it seems weird not to have it on my wrist. . . .
  2. Yes. I mean Air King. Was reading an article about the F35 just before and must have gotten my wires crossed. Thanks! The dial also seems to be missing "Swiss Made" might try to get some movement photos.
  3. Hi everyone, crispy12120 here. I came into possession of this lovely 39mm Oyster Perpetual ref 114300 quite recently and I thought I'd share. The 114300 is in my opinion a very good modern interpretation of the first Rolex Oysters. The quality and workmanship on the watch is incredible and impressive. This particular one has the rhodium dial with blue accents as you can see. The 114300 shares the same 3132 movement as the Explorer. I especially like how the dial is simple without the days or dates which (in my opinion) highlights the elegance of the watch whilst being unassuming. I only have this one photo at the moment so more photos to come later. Here we are: Cheers!
  4. Tough one, the bluesy is different enough to from your sub C (color, Cyclops etc) yet it is another sub. I would go for the DJ. It gives you a different reference in your collection, and a model that is iconic and carries a lot of important history of Rolex. If you don't think you would wear it though, then get the sub. In any event get the one YOU love. No wrong answer here. Let us know and post some pics!
  5. Hi, not sure if anyone has had any experience with their Portuguese chrono ref:3714 pusher fall off before. Mine just recently dropped off and i am in major distress as it was a gift from my wife. Would like to know if i can get it at any watchmaker or do i have to send it back to schaffausen and what would the cost be? Also if anyone had any issues with their dial oxidizing and will it be able to be cleaned up like brand new? its dated 2008 approximately 6 years now. I am based in singapore.
  6. gogetit

    Mark XII or Mark XV

    Thank you all for the answers, I really appreciate your inputs! Now it became even harder for me to choose as I've recently discovered the Mark XV Spitfire Battle of Britain :) Anyone wants to comment on this piece?
  7. Cool, I think it will be a nice addition. A little less understated, but it should be a nice watch. As for their new quality, I hoping for at least the same as my old ones, save for the automatic over quarts. Anyway I also noticed that you have the Seiko SNZG13, listed. How is that running for you? A while back almost a year ago I picked up a SNZG15, as fast I can tell they are almost the same watch, other than mine is wearing a nylon strap. Only ask because I could never get that watch to run that well for the life of me, is running over 3 seconds per hour. I've tried regulating it my self, but even at the best. I could only get to about 120 seconds per day. I never really gave up on the watch, and it really wouldn't bother me that badly if it had a hacking movement. Also my watch guy doesn't want to work on it, said that he really didn't think he could get much better. So that's the only reason I ask, Also just was wondering what is the ref. # for the pictured "Ocean" quartz or one of the ETA 2892 based models. I've noticed that you IWC guys like the reference numbers, so I've updated my sig.
  8. Thanks. This just reaffirms the Aquaracer GMT's position on my shortlist.
  9. What kind of watch is it in that case?
  10. I would wait and add the Portofino in the future. For a trade though, I would rather trading it for a Portuguese, as it is a classic and more versatile. The Portofino is nice, but all you are getting is the look, and there are several other cheaper alternatives that look similar out there.
  11. what's important to you: a) a bit more exclusivity, JLC movement, harder to service b) more common ETA movement but serviced more easily and you can likely wear more frequently, a little better size, much better bracelet than the XII. i opted for the later and i've never looked back. my XV will stey in the collection till I decide to pass it on to a niece or nephew.
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