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  1. Nice one VC. I've got the 009 but keep finding reasons not to get an 007 (it often involves an Orient)
  2. Hi guys, I fell in love with these 2 watches, despite the plastic shroud and the huge 50,2mm diameter. 4R36 inside, reliable and cheap. So, where to get one ? When, and how much ? Which is your favourite guys ? Would you pick up one ?
  3. gogetit

    Seiko SARB

    I currently own two SARBs, and I wouldn't think of letting either of them go. I have the SARB033 and the SARB015 Alpinist. Below are some shots of them. I personally think that you can't go wrong with the SARB series.
  4. Hi All, I am coming up on three years into this watch habit (addiction?!?) and I am now coming to terms with the fact that I have never owned an automatic chronograph. Being the Seikoholic that I am, I was hoping that Seiko would have some nice (possibly affordable) options. Also, reading about the NE88 movement made me think that Seiko must be using something similar in their our line-up. So....can anyone let me know what the current Seiko automatic chronograph lineup includes? I have already found the SDGZ015 & 017. Obligatory pic shamelessly stolen from the web.
  5. I find the titanium version to be a good bet. With their diashield protective compound over the titanium, reduces the like hood of scratches.
  6. Finally took delivery of my new Seiko 5 SRP265 from Germany. Had never seen the watch in person however I am very happy now that I have. This is going to be my 'dressed down' work watch when I am not suited up. I think it looks good on the bracelet however I prefer a leather strap for work and I am very happy with the Seiko/Hirsch combination. I have attached some pictures as I found them pretty hard to come by when I was looking around. Any questions please feel free to ask, Thanks.
  7. I personally don't like the 5 on the dial. Especially on a dress watch. Plus the movenents in the 5 series are good but the others are better. Especially if you have a budget of 250,- Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  8. My daily actions: 1. Open "Mozilla Firefox" browser. 2. Type "seiko f21" in search bar and press "Enter" button on keyboard. 3. Click on link of search result. 3. PROFIT.
  9. Looks good. Thanks for the photo. Got me interested too.
  10. Love mine, just got it today as a Valentines gift from my lovely girlfriend. Put it on a z-22 super comfy on the wrist. I may have to collect the other variations as well. I do like the yellow accents on the SRP639. Here she is.....
  11. The blue on the face of the SKX will vary quite a lot in different lighting. It goes from nearly black, to a medium deep blue. I'm not sure if you'll get the perfect match. The color will be close, but the brightness.... its gonna vary. Some folks think thats the charm of it all, actually. I'll say that the colors/brightness on the 10watches.com site (webstore) are pretty close, and that the blue dial I got from Jake there looked exactly like the pictures when I had it in hand. There's a photo section there, and you might see something one of his customer's did, using a blue bezel, and get a pretty idea of how his parts look.
  12. Congrats on the Tuna. I've read lots about the great CS at Topper and your post just serves to add to its reputation.
  13. gogetit

    Opinions please

    What are the opinions of this watch? Seiko Men's SSC295 Analog Display Analog Quartz Amazon.com: Seiko Men's SSC295 Analog Display Analog Quartz Green Watch: Watches I guess copy and paste, it's on Amazon, sorry.
  14. gogetit

    Let's see the SARG's

    You should man, they are great watches.
  15. Never owned a MM300, but two major things about it kill it for me: top heavy/thickness, and the specialized service requirements. Add to that the GS movement inside it comes unregulated within a case that can't easily be opened, just silly for the price point IMO. I'm also a stickler for the minute hand touching the minute track, but that's cosmetic and there are several subjective design aspects for the sumo as well as previously pointed out. Both are great watches, just comes down to what appeals to you more. I think you may be onto something here, I love my monster and my sumo, but the SKX007, tuna, and MM300 designs have never really done anything for me, and neither have the vintage Seiko divers from where these watches strongly draw their lineage.
  16. gogetit

    Am I Crazy?

    Send me the Darth and I will pay two dollars a month for leasing it, then you can tell her it's gone and I will send it back to you in two years after my lease is up.
  17. Though not in the criteria you outlined, the sarb059 is a 200m (20bar) non-diver along with its variants 061 and 063
  18. Now that I have a blue dialed one, I'm on the ebay hunt. Were there other dial colors made? Two months of solid hunting, this package deal pops up. Ramon is one of my favorite ebay sellers with an excellent feedback, and excellent prices. I'm thrilled with what he has to offer. So with my watchmaker eye, I notice that the gold dial Dress Diver has its stainless steel crystal bezel missing. I email him and ask if he could find it in his pile of wrecks and parts. He emails me back and says.... "no it cant be found." Heck with it I think, and buy them anyway. I'll make a bezel if need be with the lathe. Its too good a deal to turn down, especially because there is a Blue Citizen Tiger XXX in the group. Plenty of spares to go along too. Less then 3 weeks later, drama free, they arrive.
  19. Actually yesterday I wondered if my GS quartz (9F) was making any noise because I had not noticed anything so far. I stick my ear next to the case back of the watch and at first I could not hear a thing! I was surprise but then I tried to really pay attention at it and I could hear a very very quiet ticking. So do not worry there are extremely quiet (and I don't like noisy quartz either in general... I would not throw it into the lake for that however... hehe).
  20. gogetit

    Pre-owned MM300?

    Thank you! I was wondering if there was a classifieds here--and couldn't find one. Thanks for the link! CJ
  21. I had not seen that model and leave it to Seiko to have a clever idea. That is a great idea
  22. I'm starting to reconsider the Spring Drive GMT too. Any owners here?
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