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  1. I have to politely disagree with sarir97. I was able to swing by a Omega boutique while on business last week and the limited 007 watch was eye catching...I loved the all black background it really made the red seamaster and logo 007 POP. The AD did show me both SMP 300m and IMHO I like the LE. The AD did mention it was infact a collectors edition and often sought out. As I continue to look around at the SMP GMT a gentleman came in and specifically ask for that LE 007 watch in blue however once he view the black ..the deal was done. Again, you will not go wrong with either the regular SMP or LE if you can find/purchse just my 2 pennies. Also $400.00 difference. Hope this helps
  2. dan5

    White SMP GMT

    JMSROLLS Hello Fr. John, Good afternoon and hope this finds you well. I tried several times to send you a private message however would not send. Do you think your AD would be able to find a pre loved gmt great white? I would like to purchase this model. Thanks for your time and have a good evening.
  3. tuff decision, however I would go with the PO ....IMHO It's just as nice as the SUB C or better. Good luck!
  4. dan5

    Rolex to omega

    I understand and feel your demons Perdu with questioning yourself. Honestly, I love the subdued of the omegas and IMHO more bang for your buck and quality is spot on with rolex. At times and there has not been to many where I get asked is that a rolex and its just awkward. I find myself making sure my watch is covered when, I meet with clients or conduct presentations. Geesh!
  5. dan5

    Rolex to omega

    Thanks for the advice Gents!
  6. dan5

    Rolex to omega

    Hi Gents, I have been debating on seling my Rolex datejust to purchase two pre owned omega watches the PO 2500 and Speedy. Your thoughts ??
  7. He placed second last week at the Valero Open.
  8. dan5

    My Second Omega

    Congrats! I am looking at possibly the older model of this one 2594. Your is sweet!!
  9. Thanks for your input Joker....I can use my phone for the date.
  10. Good day all, Please do beat me up to bad for asking this question......I come down to some financial problems with my son and have to sell my humble collection but would like to at least find a nice speedy. Your thoughts fellas?
  11. dan5

    Speedy Pro 9300 or Sub C

    Fellas...HELP! I cant decide and love both but the wife say only ONE. I will be purchasing pre loved. I wear suits to work and Tshirt short kind of guy! I tried both of them on several times and still to hard to decide. Any suggestion on which to choose. Only concern is , has anyone experienced any problems with the 9300 movement? I know there really and no wrong answer here. I can only have one iconic watch. Thanks Fellas!
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