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  1. I've purchased GMT watch, UN is an original brand.
  2. Oh, I see, that's for avoiding the moisture condensing at the nip, that's why the modern caps with no holes will have moisture at the nip when opening the cap.
  3. The nip of modern pens will dry out and cannot write anything after no using for a long time without covering the cap. But the vintage pens like Waterman, Eversharp, there are two holes on the two sides of their caps, do not know what are they for? Don't they worry the nips dry? Or would the previous ink not be easy to dry? Why there are no modern pens being made in this way?
  4. Though I like IWC, I will choose 16600, and take it as one of the most important investment, its C/P is more advanced than IWC.
  5. Hi, fellows! Am going to buy an IWC Classic Pilot's Automatic Chronograph (3706 - 003), or a Spitfire Automatic Chronograph 3706 - 013, the former is more simple and I like the flat hands, but the strap of the Spitfire is more textured. Hope you will give me some suggestions, thanks!
  6. I did not much notice that! How much is your budget?
  7. I would say the Ingenieur Automatic Mission Earth for its simple dial, expecially its rugged in-house movement.
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