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  1. gmax

    Omega Service Question

    Thanks to all for the good advice. I often wondered if a "break-in period" was a fallacy or not. It seems to depend on who you ask. I'll wait a while and see what happens. Regardless I am enjoying the watch too much to take it off!
  2. gmax

    Omega Service Question

    I just purchased a new PO from an AD. The watch is running +4.5sec /day which as you all know is within COSC specs. If I have my local watch maker regulate it, the warranty will be voided. I contacted my local Omega AD about getting it regulated and their reply was : "As an Authorized Dealer of Omega, we can send your Planet Ocean in to Omega for a service under warranty. Omega does not authorize any in-house watch makers for warranty service. There will be no charge, I will however need the warranty card and it will take 6-8 weeks to complete. The Planet Ocean is Chronometer Certified and this means that the time keeping needs to fall within a specific daily rate. That rate is -4 seconds to +6 seconds a day. This means that your timepiece is working within the Chronometer Certified range so I cannot guarantee that sending it in to Omega for regulation will change your daily rate significantly." Does anyone here have experience sending a watch to Omega for regulating? I know the 8500 movement is capable of excellent accuracy. Thanks very much for any help.
  3. With the much appreciated help of Fr John, I recently purchased a new Planet Ocean model 2200.51.00 from his recommended dealer. The transaction was flawless, a great watch purchasing experience. To give you some history, I was originally considering several versions of this model including the newest 45.5mm ceramic. I went to my local AD and tried on the 45.5 but it was just too big and thick, and I have a big wrist 7-3/4". I also wasn't crazy about the grey ceramic bezel. So I decided on the 45mm (thinner) model with the 8500 movement. I wanted to be sure I got the "D" version so I decided to buy new and move fast as they are disappearing since being recently discontinued. I wasn't sure which band I wanted, so along with the steel bracelet, I ordered the mesh and the black rubber strap with orange stitching (I'll address the rubber strap later in a different post). When I received the watch I was thrilled with the watch but the steel band felt very heavy and uncomfortable. And although it's beautifully made it just looked ordinary to me. I went to my local watchmaker and had him size the steel band and I still wasn't happy. Then I had him install the mesh bracelet and BAM! instant comfort and the watch just popped into perfection. I love the look and the interplay of the mesh reflection in the watch case with the bezel edge and the bracelet itself. I tried to capture that in one of the attached pictures. Beauty and comfort are subjective but in my case it was a perfect combination.
  4. Great pics. Love the brown strap.
  5. Congrats. Truly unique piece. Enjoy!
  6. Here's the brown leather strap that came with my Speedy. Very comfortable and showing a nice patina after many years. Sorry no wrist shots.
  7. Thank You all for the nice comments!!
  8. Wow! That is in GREAT shape! Stunning. Thanks for sharing it.
  9. Recently picked this up from Kringkily. I really like the different look of the dial and it makes a nice change up from my P.O. 2500. Very comfortable on the leather band.
  10. Nice sentiment. Where do you get those calendars?
  11. I love mine. Great change up from the Rolexes. Extremely comfortable.
  12. Thanks Danny. Very helpful.
  13. Hello all...I need a little help please. I saw this Zenith in a jewelry store window one very long night about 3 years ago in New Orleans. I'm pretty sure it's an El Primero? Can anyone ID the specific model and vintage? And advise how would I go about locating one? Sorry for the blurry image it's an enlargement of an i-phone pic. Thanks a lot Ladies and Gentlemen...and best wishes for a very Happy New Year!
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