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  1. Let me fill you in on my thought process of the big 3 battle (3570, 3572, 3573): I've read all the debates and after viewing hesalite vs sapphire today, understand all sides now which makes it even more difficult. I can definitely see what the allure of the hesalite is and it's not just for "moon watch purists". The dome and the the light cast from it are beautiful. BUT, I was surprised how close the sapphire was. Not completely night and day IMO. Also, the sapphire back was not as much of a deal breaker as I thought it would be. The movement is beautiful, but with the bracelet on, the field of view of it is not that great. (looks so much cooler on the internet ;) So my final answer is... The 3572.50, because it is discontinued and very desirable for good reason--it's simply the best imo. Second would be a new hesalite 3570 and third would be a new sapphire sandwich. If I bought a used speedy with unknown service should I immediately service it? (on a 3572 it would be at least 9 years old) Do you guys service at regular intervals or let them run until there's a problem? What's the cost of a sapphire crystal vs hesalite? (I'm not so concerned with little scratches, but I have gouged a crystal before) Thanks for all your help in the threads I've already been through and the info on where to pick up this piece. I'm so close to pulling the trigger I can taste it.
  2. I thought they looked awesome on the internet. All the close up shots were stunning. Then I saw one in person--not into it at all. At first glance it looks like you have a vintage with a crystal that has been sanded with 30 grit.
  3. bob-e

    Am I mad ??

    Depends on the son. If my dad would have given me a PO at 21, I would have probably lost it within a week. Does sound like you need to buy another PO though ;)
  4. Thanks. I'm currently looking at some selling by them now. I owe you a lot for the speedy pro education. Omega needs to send you a free watch :)
  5. Just curious. Looking for a used one and trying to figure out a reasonable price to pay. Are they collectors items already? Thanks all. I hope to join the ranks of speedy pro owner soon.
  6. I've been trying to get one from one of our trusted sellers on eBay and the last 3 have been bid up to over $3000! Wow! Maybe I'll just get a new 3570 instead
  7. This will have to do for now
  8. yikes, it's $60 shipped
  9. defintely 1498. thanks so much. I'll order some from Offrei today :)
  10. I just bought a 3572.50 and need one more link to make it fit perfect. Is the best place to get these Offrei? I can find 2, 3 digit numbers on the bracelet, but cannot find the 4 digit that offrei needs. Maybe I need to get a magnifying glass. Also, how many removable links should my bracelet have? Mine has 3 on each side. Thanks
  11. Personal preference. I would go with the SM if I had to choose. But I bet you get a different opinion in the Rolex sub-forum. Both are nice. You can't really make a wrong decision here.
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