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  1. "Swiss" and "Swiss Made" correlate to the type of light-charged Lume used on the dial. Prior to 1998, I believe, modern Rolex dials featured the "T-Swiss" writing, which referred to the radioactive content of the Tritium used as lume. When Rolex first switched over to a light-charged illuminating substance, Luminova, the dials read simply "Swiss". I believe this was only for one year, perhaps 1.5 years. They quickly switched to Super Luminova, and since then the dials have read "Swiss Made". 1999 is right around the correct age for your dial to read "Swiss"...
  2. I own an A series GMT II. From what I understand, it does indicate a 1999 manufacture. My dial states "Swiss Made," however. My watch has SELs and drilled lugs.
  3. Nice analogy - assuming they're both keepers I'd pick classic beauty becuase they age better. Oddly enough I also prefer the older subs as for the OP's question get the Sub
  4. The sales person is full of crap. I have sent in my Explorer 2 (still under rolex warranty) to the RSC here as it was running a little slower than I would like (still within COSC spec but border line). RSC opened it up and regulated it, took a couple of hours...NO cleaning or servicing or over haul of any kind took place. From my experience with Rolex and other brands. They do not perform a full service as part of any regulation or repair while the watch is under warranty. Once it is out of warranty, they will insist on the watch needing a full overhaul before any repair work will be done.
  5. looks perfect. mine says hello
  6. What are your thoughts on the new colorway? I would prefer it a bit darker. It is nice but I still think that black is the best choice.
  7. Never seen before. One thing I can think of is that it was originally a diamond dial and that they have been removed.
  8. Congrats, that's some serious watch case. Love the saddle tan color.
  9. Love the Sub, not so much the Explorer 2. Would probably take a Explorer 1 first. The GMT Master on the other hand is amazing in Batman form.
  10. That one looks great on virtually anything, but my vote would be for the bracelet.
  11. Cheers gents! It's hard to express how impressed I am. Always a good sign:)
  12. Great watch. Looks particularly good on the BP style in black and brown, IMO.
  13. Here's the BP on my 6.75" wrist I think your 6.25" inch wrist can pull it off
  14. wheelorg

    IWC 3714-45

    I think its the same as long as your looking at the same ref 3714-45 : you can get the specifications on the IWC site - http://www.iwc.com/en/collection/portugieser/IW3714/ Whats the asking price?
  15. She thinks she can get 20-25% off from an AD but I'm wondering if there's any way to do better and if its worth saving an additional 5-10% going with a non AD and sacrificing the manufactures warranty
  16. I would like to hear, if your issues got resolved....What do you plan to try ?
  17. Congrats, Solaris! Beautiful watch.
  18. looks great. what kind of strap will you use with it?
  19. you have yourself a very beautiful watch there.
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