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    Zenith OR Omega

    There was a similar post on timezone and I will answer the same zenith is without doubt the most interesting. Zenith belongs in the IWC and JLC Category .... omega and breitling don't. Omega is not bad but zenith is so much more. If you doubt.... buy manfred rosslers book aboout zenith
  2. the problem is that they are NOT inhouse. The most affordable are modified ETA movements and only the very expensive had inhouse movements If people have to pay 10 -20 or 30K for a simple 3-hand golden watch with an ETA inside people are smart enought to buy something else
  3. For 2.5K Longines offers the most beautifull watches and the brand has quite some history
  4. Those that once had the TYPE 20 in their hands might remeber how special and loud it ticks If you did not hear it before, I tried to upload it Believe me, I have no idea how many decibels it produces but you will not sleep with the watch. When I go to be dI hide it in another room LOL
  5. imo not a new one, but the original vintage from the 1970's Look at the box and papers, this is not made today. Also look at the star ( Zenith logo) this is the design from 40 years ago The looks of the 36.000 and 1/10th are based on this piece but this is an original one
  6. not bad but if a brand offers 'gold plated' I don't look any further
  7. Stop looking There is 1 perfect watch for you If you are looking for a chrono, you cant beat a zenith el primero. And if you look at the doublematic you get a chrono and alarm and 24 timezones in one watch. And all of this for an unbeatable price
  8. Antiquorum in Geneva .... LIVE https://bidding.antiquorum.com/viewer/ just click and let your pc make the connection If you haven't seen an auction before, definitely worth seeing it this is the catalog and as you can see, now we have some pocket watches and clocks ... around lot nr 330 we'll start again with wrsitwatches CATALOG : http://data.antiquorum.com/eng/flip/2013_Nov_GV/
  9. hmmm Zenith does belong in another category Put it is the Rolex - JLC - … list so much more interesting and better than the others you mentioned
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