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  1. I don't think they'll ever put it into the sub. That's just my opinion.
  2. I am looking to get my very FIRST Rolex and looking around for 1). A reputable dealer: I have been talking to Bobs Watches (OUT) and Jeweler On Time ( OUT). Any inputs on them are appreciated. 2). As much as I like the 114060 and the 116610, I am so tempted to go for the HULK. I think it's simply unique and refreshing. I do have a black dial and blue dial Omega SMPc PLUS I also have the Speedy pro, so it would be nice to get another colored dial, and the first time I saw the HULK , specially in person, it simply is stunning. thanks in advance jeff Jeweler oN Time quoted me a price that was ridiculous. 3 year old Hulk for same price as new. Im not a Rolex expert, but that seemed preposterous. Looking for financing if possible
  3. Watch serial numbers and the internet...
  4. My better half wears her dads old pepsi gmt which looks pretty cool. Personally i think a DJ2 with a white dial would be great and a good contrast for your sons sub. It is a watch you could also enjoy until it changes hands
  5. Should be blue on a current model, no? My understanding was that the blue had replaced the green regardless of dial or bezel.
  6. I have the opposite feeling...the North Flag looks so much nicer to me.
  7. It appears they were commissioned by Bucherer, which is both a watchmaker, and a Rolex AD. They have stores across Europe.
  8. Thanks guys! I bought the 36mm first because of it's heritage and I actually wasn't interested in the 39mm but then a good friend of mine has one and I tried it on and really loved the proportions so picked one up a couple of days ago. I have fairly big hands and thick wrists (part ape) so the 39mm seems to work really well. As for a favourite I really can't decide between them because I like them both for different reasons! Have to admit though that the 36mm is my 'go to' and I'd probably wear the 39mm more on special occasions but that could just be because it's newer :)
  9. My 114060 does the same, there's slight bit of play when pressed.
  10. Awesome looking watch!
  11. I'll give you 2500 for it! Lol. I think these will continue to appreciate, supply and demand. Volume sold may be keeping prices lower than you'd think we're relevant now. Depends on circumstances you're in whether you sell now or later. Do you really want a new Sub or not?
  12. I pefer upright or 3'o clock vertical to the watch case.... But all said and done.. I really dont care. It's a Rolex enjoy!
  13. Used to sell IWC, but in this case, it's a knee-jerk-reaction for the GO.
  14. I would caution against buying the IWC, the Omega, or any watch due to its projected re-sale value. It's impossible to buy a watch today and predict it's value ten years from now. Buy a new watch from an AD and the depreciation will be steep regardless of brand, model, or special edition. If you want to measure longevity in terms of brand value, then I think it's a toss-up. Both are very respected with rich history. If by longevity you mean durability then again it matters not which brand you pick. Both have excellent quality control, will stand the test of time as a daily use watch, and will age well. Try on each watch and see which makes you happiest. That's the watch to buy.
  15. Hi Jezza1 do you have any link on the rubber strap? And if you also know anybody that can do custom leather strap for 3719? Appreciated
  16. jamehjk

    Mark XII or Mark XV

    i agree with many here that while the 12 is historically more significant, i'd worry about the older movement/casing. if you plan on making this a 'heavy rotation' piece i'd go with the more modern piece.
  17. Great choice and couldn't be better. Share some pics soon.
  18. Hey. It's 47.5-48mm lug to lug
  19. jamehjk

    Ingenieur 3239 Laureus

    On a side-but-not-unrelated note, where are IWC`s basel releases? Haven't heard a thing from them yet
  20. ^^^^^ Good advice. I would let an IWC expert look into it.
  21. It looks great, and that's a lot of bang for your ruble. Congrats on your new Vostok!
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