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  1. I give it 1-3 years. From what I know about Rolex, they don't do anything quick but it will eventually show up in the Sub
  2. Yes all watch bracelets get stretch unless they are never worn!!!
  3. Funny, I thought EVERYday was the day to wear one's Rolex!
  4. Just kidding! I love it. HAHA :) I used to be a Rolex hater. I bought a Panerai then an Omega. I always said Rolex was dumb cause it was so popular and people that don't know about watches get a Rolex. Even worse was my opinion on the Submariner. I never understood why someone would buy the most common watch ever. Well...I recently bought a Submariner no-date and LOVE IT! It's the kind of watch you can put on your wrist every day regardless of what you're going to be doing and it will be just fine. After buying it I really started looking at watches in the wild. I live in Chicago where there's obviously money. I travel all the time for work and I never see the Sub. I must have drank the Kool Aid or something before. This whole argument of "Rolex Sub's are so common - everyone has them!" Is so false. Sure you see a Sub here and there, but out of probably 2,000 watches I was spotting while on a layover in Atlanta for a few hours I saw ONE Sub with the date. If you want to talk about a common watch then let's talk about that damn Apple watch or a Fitbit. A Rolex Sub is not common. I have come to learn when I hear that argument now I just assume it's a newbie in the watch community. Just my two cents. My Sub no-date says hi! David
  5. I would go for the in house movement. It will make the watch more interesting, likely increase its resale value, and the added power reserve is a nice functional benefit.
  6. Why the rush? Because sizing and perceived 'right size' is an entirely personal decision based on how your wrist is structured, the length of the lugs and your own personal preferences, the only real way to know if a watch is right for you is to try it on. Do you really have the financial resources to buy and then try? What if you don't like the look? Do you turn around and flip it, maybe for less Krona than you paid for it? There will always be GMTII's in the marketplace, new and pre-owned. Pictures from one wrist may or may not resemble what your own personal 'look' will be. As stated above, pictures can distort the real physical attributes of the watch/wrist combination. I say wait until you can invest the time to get to a store that can let you try it on and size it. Or offer to buy a cup of coffee to a current owner near you to try it on. Unless of course you've got the money to gamble...
  7. I have a +/- 25 year old TT Submariner that hasn't been serviced in about 15 years. The last service I had done was locally & that store is no longer in business. It has a few dings, but is in generally good condition for a watch that age. I've never dealt with RSC. I'm considering sending it there. I would appreciate any input/suggestions/alternatives. If it's something that needs to be PM'd, please do so. Thanks
  8. Tough to beat the ExpII. I wouldn't worry too much about the size. At 42mm, it's still smaller than a lot of other beasts out there. You might want to look at a pre-owned SubC, but it costs a little more. I'd be more than happy with the ExpII. Happy 21st. I'd give up all my watches to be 21 again;)
  9. Beautiful. Looks fantastic with bracelet and strap!
  10. When I bought my Rolex it was a huge step up price-wise from anything I ever bought. My attitude was it may be the last really nice watch I can ever afford, so buy the one you love the most. Both models you identify are awesome, but for me the BLNR elevated above. So I saved a little more and bought that. 1 1\2 years later it is still my last watch purchase and am thankful I did not settle for something less. If those are the only 2 SS Rolex in your consideration set buy the one you love most.
  11. Single barrel movements with 3+ days of PR are prone to significant variation on accuracy during their cycle, the spring is I simply too long to guarantee exact same performance when fully wound vs when running on empty. I've read of many people not being happy with IWC long-PR movements, and don't really get why wouldn't they do the Panerai thing and run them as a double barrel configuration, after all their R&D are shared within Richmond and should be relatively easy to replicate.
  12. confidol

    next Watch Advice

    I'm talking about the 3777. http://www.iwc.com/en/collection/pilots/IW3777/
  13. confidol

    New favorite combo...

    Love mine on the OEM Kevlar strap as well.
  14. Yes, your GST 3707 is missing the outer bezel.
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