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    Hulk or Batman

    BLNR for me also. The 116610LV is just too much green for me. I'll never own one. However, if you love them both equally, it is impossible to convince you either way on which one to get. You need to just try them both and make a decision. It does seem that the BLNR might be a little harder to obtain at the moment.
  2. The newer ones did switch to blue lume for sure. Must be in the 2014 or 2015 production years.
  3. It has taken me a while, but at this point the idea of a 36mm Datejust is very appealing. I own a couple of larger watches (GS SBGE029, Rolex Explorer II) and I am pretty tired of thick and big.
  4. Don't seem to be many Explorer 1 owners on here. Let's start a club.
  5. They keep going up because IWC has raised msrp quite a bit this year. My pilot chrono could be sold for $1k more than what I paid at an AD a year ago. As for your question, get the chrono. It really looks the part, I love mine. The size is perfect. Yes, it is thick compared to a dress watch (but I still can wear it under dress shirts), but a pilot watch isn't supposed to be a dress watch. If that is what you are after, the mark XVI will look silly because it isn't a dress watch- get a JLC master control.
  6. I, for one, am a big fan of the triple date window. Congratulations and enjoy.
  7. Always take a look at the movement when you hear the word "vintage".
  8. Any IWC boutique or AD can order one for you. Last I checked, the price was a cool $380, so I passed. There are plenty of aftermarket options on fleabay etc where you get something very similar to OEM for $40. Can't beat that in my book, but whatever floats your boat.
  9. Deafening silence out here Martin! :) I had the same Dilemma. I feel that my rubber strap could do with being replaced with a shiny new one even though its really comfortable and has many many years left in it! Anyway, just fro a bit of fun I ordered a non-OEM black silicon strap from the 'bay'. It was really cheap so happy to take my chances, I have little to lose if its poor quality I'll just bin it. If it's good I can pm you the details. cheers J
  10. Hey, thanks, everyone for the kind words. I hadn't been so inspired by a strap /watch combo in a long time. Nice... I'll have to look for those threads. No, I didn't have the Port Auto the last time I posted here. I've had many watches come in and go out since then. This one, however, is a definite keeper. Cheers.
  11. Sorry to bump this dead thread but, I'm looking for an out of state IWC AD as well to get a 3717-01. I am located at California. Thank you
  12. Wondering if anyone can shed some light on this possibly 60s watch found in a drawer with a little booklet? The case number is 1642139.
  13. Congrats. Mine says welcome to the club
  14. man you made this???? wow you are an artists, absolutely loyal to that famous and gorgeous dial, amazing! I would love to see the production process of this. thanks for sharing
  15. Oh, missed that, the case might have been replaced, indeed...
  16. Women korsetny watch Dawn 2009. 1990th years.
  17. Nice looking watch, but can you explan the dial? Is it a 24-hour watch? If it´s not, the hands showning "14-A-Clock" when it´s 7-a-clock in the evening. Very confusing...
  18. This is the ultimate watch in my eyes. Congrats!
  19. Hi everyone! Looking at this eBay action for an ALS, but just can't put my finger on where this watch comes from. Haven't ever seen that hand style, with a sub on the left, in a vintage ALS on a wristwatch. I've seen similar in a pocketwatch, but the listing doesn't say much about it. If anyone could help identify (or flag as a fakie), it'd be appreciated. Love the look, but don't wanna get ripped off. I'm really starting to think it's a fakie (check out the kerning on "A Lange & Sohne", Looks more like "A Lange&Sohne") RARE Vintage A Lange Sohne | eBay Thanks, - J
  20. This is very much a fake, and poor one at that. Have a look at the Lange website to see what their watches, and particularly their movements, look like. There's a very obvious difference between them in terms of design and quality/finish and the inexpensive movement in your fake watch.
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