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  1. It's a nice watch Here's a little video of it in action: MVI_0489_zps0d7975e5.mp4 Video by Sweephand | Photobucket Stephen
  2. Haha ... ya, its pretty decent with the leather strap that came with mine. Most people thought it was a way more expensive watch. But I have that exact problem with the watch adjustment when I go travel ... its pretty convoluted if you need to adjust anything !!! Maybe because I do it so infrequently, I need to refer to the manual everytime I attempt anything of the sort !!! But to be fair ... I probably wouldn't be so bothered if I did it often enough and didn't need the manual anymore though. :p
  3. I agree about it having a story! I originally bought it as a memento of the trip, though ironically now the only parts that remains of the watch I bought onboard are the bezel and case. :P As for Citizen covering the repair, that would certainly have been easiest, though this apparently wasn't a failure of the watch itself, but rather the result of some external stimulus. Just my rotten luck that I happened to have it foisted on me as new. Since I finally have some traction on this thread, one more question: what do folks think of the leather strap? I added a similar strap to an Edifice watch six months ago and it came out looking really sharp, but in this case I'm less certain. The bezel is so prominent that you barely see any of the stainless steel case, just an ocean of black. It almost makes the watch look plastic. Still, it's distinctive, which the bracelet wasn't.
  4. I personally hate domed crystals, as they show every reflection in your surrounding.
  5. It's because when you search, you are missing a 1 at the end. It is technically the " SNAC79P1". You might even get more results if you take out the P1 and just put SNAC79. It's not very popular because it's a generic mass produced Quartz model from Malaysia. The Japanese mechanical watches get all the attention...
  6. I have a watch with a Seiko NH35A movement. My question is, can it be hand wound? If I am not wearing it every day, should I just unscrew the seal and hand wind it every day to keep it running? I did this today, but I could feel almost no resistance or and kind of "grinding" sound, like I remember from mechanical watches many many years ago when I was a boy (I'm 58 years old). Was I really winding it up -- I was turning the crown in a clockwise direction -- or just spinning it to no good purpose? Thanks for any information. Alden
  7. Beautiful watch. I am considering the bracelet model. Question - what size is your wrist? I'm wondering if the SARX is about right for mine. - now Free
  8. Zerone

    Pre-owned MM300?

    Watches - Private sellers and Sponsors Try the sales corner.
  9. Hi Brian, Nice watch you've set your eyes on, even though I personally don't like Roman numerals. But I love the blue dial! If the watch is rated WR 30m that usually means that you should NOT swim with it. WR 30 should be translated to: Suitable for everyday use and splash or rain resistant. Not suitable for swimming. Now, being an optimist I have been swimming with WR 30 watches, even in sea water, and nothing bad happened. But if water does come into the watch the warranty won't cover the damage. If you want a watch suitable for swimming and water sport a rating of WR 50 is the least you should be looking for. And, obviously, WR 100 or 200 is even safer. You can learn more about this topic on Wikipedia (of course) here's a link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water_Resistant_mark /paul
  10. Zerone

    Seiko Buying Advice

    The pros and cons of the various sellers have been covered by others. I would let the price be my guide.
  11. That kind of crazy talk can get you into a heap of trouble 'round these parts.
  12. Wow! that is some watch!The only thing im not feeling are the end links on the bracelet but I wear my watches on straps anyway so not a deal breaker for me. Regards, Ren
  13. Thanks a lot! That blue one is beautiful! I'd love to find one. Where did you end up finding that information? I'm new to watches and would like to have more resources available for future reference.
  14. Apologies if there is a thread for this already, but I did a search and couldn't find one. Also, I wonder if this post belongs more in the vintage forum. But anyway... I am starting to get interested in vintage Seikos. I know there are a lot of vintage Seiko diver fans and posts out there, but I am also interested in all the other great vintage Seikos out there. The stuff from the 70s has a really funky and fun look to me, for example. So I was hoping people had some pics to share on this forum!
  15. It's an outstanding watch...i love mine.
  16. Zerone

    Orient Blue Ray

    I have been trying to track down this watch for sometime now and finally have it ordered. The only problem is all I could finally find was it on rubber I have no worries about that but I really wanted with steel . Is there any after market curved link bracelets out there that would fit half decent ? Having a really hard time trying to find anything. - now Free
  17. Looks like I will keep it on the orange-black Zulu. The stock bracelet end links are just terrible. Sent from the dark side
  18. Congrats on that one! The blue is stunning!
  19. ahh i didn't even notice! thank you for spotting that for me =D ooh - forgot to add a closed clasp pic =P
  20. Thanks, the Flight is on my list
  21. I've seen several different types, I'd like to know all the types that are out there. For instance, Orient has an automatic perpetual calendar watch, like this: And I've seen a watch with a manual bezel with day of week -- days, like this: Is there a watch that has a perpetual calendar on the face that is driven manually by the bezel? If not, what are the other types of perpetual calendar watch styles?
  22. Is there anyone out there who's owned one of Orient's gold plate or gold tone watches that's able to comment on how the finish is lasting?
  23. Thanks for the kind words! I agree that the Ray is a nice piece, and comparing it to something that costs five times as much wouldn't be fair. I think, however, a little more QC should have gone into the production of it, to make the bezel line up, for instance.
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