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  1. And a warning... Orient watches are addictive!
  2. Welcome to the forum. Orient produce a good looking watch. My blue Ray still looks nice despite me bending one of the end links on the bracelet. (please don't ask how I managed that)
  3. Zerone

    Orient Star GMT

    By the time it arrives into US, hopefully it does, it should go down to more reasonable pricing comparable to the StarSeeker models. I so wish they made this into 40mm case though rather than the 42mm :(
  4. Awesome , I appreciate the response and pics ! have a great day ! Thanks
  5. I've always been fascinated with a 5 year mission timer in a watch with a 2-3 year battery life.
  6. While the Speedy-style 1610 bracelet doesn't have micro-adjust, it does have compatible half links. The half links are not exactly 1/2 the size of a full link, they are about 4-5mm while the full link is about 7mm, if memory serves correct. So, if you have two half links a perfect fit should be possible given the right combination. I think the Bond bracelets also have half links that function in much the same way, with a half being a bit larger than half the size of a full size, so it should work on that bracelet too. An added benefit of the half links is that they work on the Speedmaster Pro 1998 bracelets as well. The new PO and Speedy Pro bracelets with screws are much harder to get an exact fit with. They don't have half links, and each screw in link is larger (~8-9mm).
  7. Hello all. Long time lurker here and finally get to join the club. Originally wanted a Tag 1887 Anthracite but ended up with an Aqua Terra Master Co Axial. Definitely, if I went the Tag route, I would eventually regret not getting an Omega Seamaster. I already have a GMT Master so this would be a great second watch for work. The purchase was a pleasant one from an AD and receive around a 25% discount. So basically, $4,900 tax inclusive. Is that what most have been paying for? I really didn't want purchase from the GM dealers wanting peace of mine right off the bat. Here are some pictures..Thanks for looking!
  8. Yellow? Sent from a Payphone
  9. I wouldn't be so certain. He plays one heck of a mean guitar.
  10. That looks amazing. Don't usually like gold markers but the contrast is awesome.
  11. Thought the same thing but went with the AT anyways. I've come to love the look of the PCL's. Plus, if I ever get fed up with it, brushing them out is a ridiculously easy fix that any competent watchmaker can take care of for you for pretty cheap.
  12. Been working on this project for the last few months. Currently own a 3570.50 and recently picked-up a 6139-6005 pogue which should be back from service this week. Granted my pogue isn't the actual reference worn by the Colonel, but I think (and want) this project to be a lasting tribute to my passion (and all of our passion) for the space connection to horology. You see, this tribute will be security mounted at a fellow chef's restaurant on permanent loan for his birthday. He too owns the 35th Apollo 15th LE (his father worked on the project as an engineer) and the 6139-6002. The project had originally started with my recently late Uncle's Apollo15 patch, which I found in a shoebox, and snowballed after I went through all this vintage magazines, which were going to be tossed by my dad and his siblings. You see, my uncle wasn't expected to last past his teenage years given he had a hole in his heart, but made it to his early 50s nonetheless. He could never participate in physical activity even though he was an avid fan of sports and space... Most of his time was spent collecting everything from old magazines to baseball cars that would blow your mind... I found the vintage Pogue ad sifting through hundreds of his magazines and acquired everything else you see, which are predominately Lions Brothers Apollo patches. That last space is for an AB Skylab project patch I now posses but have not taken a picture of yet. The idea is to get this entire project matted by my Mother-in-law who just so happens to be a world-class framer and restorer for museums in the Chicago area. It's going to be my birthday/Xmas present: So why am I posting this? Well, I want to get two small brass plaques to sit just below each advertisement and want to be sure what I want is correct. First the plague for the Pogue: The Seiko 6139 "Pogue" The first (non-space flight approved) Automatic Chronograph worn on the wrist of Astronaut William Pogue, Colonel, USAF, during Skylab 4 from November 16, 1973 to February 8, 1974. And the Speedmaster: The Iconic Omega Speedmaster Professional "Moonwatch" First worn on the wrist of Mercury 8 Astronaut Wally Schirma, Captain, USN, in 1962. After rigorous testing, it became the official NASA space flight certified chronograph in 1965 and is still coveted by Astronauts today. As you can imagine I want this to be correct for myself and those who view it. I'll have my much smarter wife edit the writing depicted on the brass plaques as I'm a dumb oaf, but you get the idea... I am passionate about the history of these watches but am (admittedly) not at the level of some historians here. Please let me know if these plaques are accurate... I'd be open to any other writings. Thank you. Eric
  13. It might be a 751 bridge on an otherwise 752 movement. That's a multi-hued movement there. A 751 is (was) a certified chronometer, so the one bridge should have 'adjusted to five (5) positions and temperature' in addition to the 'twenty-four 24 jewels' that yours has (and which one would find on a 752). Plain (maybe slightly undersized?) crown appears to be a replacement.
  14. Zerone

    Bracelet sizing

    With your wrist size, sounds similar to mine, I would look at the 43mm AT or the Speedmaster 9300. I owned a Speedmaster Pro but just felt it wore too small. I don't like huge watches but the 43mm AT either the Annual Calendar or the GMT and the Speedmaster 9300 in Stainless or Ceramic will look much more proportional on your wrist. There are recent posts were the GSOTM looks like a hockey puck on little wrists but on a bigger wrist it looks very appropriate. I agree with ynizerniner the Speedmaster bracelet runs bigger than the AT bracelet you will likely need an extra link for hot days and yes if buy from an AD up to two links should be free of charge.
  15. Zerone

    Omega & clothes

    I work in an office or studio environment (depends how pretentious you want to sound) and over the years it has become more casual so no more ties on the whole. However I still wear smartish trousers (pants) and a proper shirt (with collar and cuffs) every day. Despite this my choice of watch has generally tended towards the robust so I happily wear my Bond GMT or PO on a bracelet along with my dressier JLC's (both also on bracelets) or Poljot pilot watch on strap. I've also worn my Doxa diving watch before the bracelet was resized for my wife to wear more comfortably. My choice is determined by a simple rotation and the general colour I am wearing - blue or black/grey mainly. Much the same goes for casual at the weekend. All in all whatever feels good to you is fine - let others keep their opinion to themselves. Nigel
  16. Same. Speedy is a definite grail, but I can't bring myself to sell my Black Bay Blue. I know I'd regret that. Maybe the time just isn't right now. Good luck whatever you decide. :) Sent from my
  17. Wow! These photos really do the sunburst dial proper justice. Very impressive. Though they are all stunningly beautiful shots, it's actually the third photo, the watch box one, that seems the most true to life for me. My favorite strap setup for mine is the OEM deployant on black genuine alligator... You really have to try something similar sometime. Now that I've had mine for a while, I can honestly say that I love this blue dial version as much, and in some respects even more, than my previous coveted white and blue dial AT. It does casual just as well, and yet, it is also a decidedly much better dress watch. I'm very much enamored of mine, and I plan to never let it go! Congrats again. Nice choice for your "last" new Omega. Please feel free to post more photos as you inevitably try it out on more straps. I'm going to go swap out my new Speedy for the AT now....
  18. Need owners out there to help me with this... I know the lug width of the master compressor chrono is 21mm but I've read you can fit a 22mm leather or rubber strap on it no problem? Has anyone tried this successfully? How much does the JLC rubber strap sell for? Thanks all!
  19. maybe a few hundred dollas at most.
  20. Yes, I owned the NS Auto for a few months and the date change is instantaneous. Only thing is the instant change happens for me at around 12.05am rather than 12. Still, it's nice to have that instant flick to the next date. It's a great watch but i simply wanted to try the other diving watch and got the dive chrono, titanium bezel. Having tried both, i must say the NS Auto is one watch that i hope to buy again simply because it's very versatile. It's slim enough for formal use, especially with the leather strap, yet rugged enough with the rubber. It fits perfectly on the wrist too. The only slight concern would be the ceramic bezel. I wonder it would be prone to scratch marks. Titanium scratches easily but those can be polished off. You can't do that with ceramic. Having only owned it for a few months, I've no idea if this will happen. Perhaps those with other NS series watches can shed some light.
  21. Stensbjerg, your perceptions about the value of chronometrey are shared by many, which is why COSC has gotten away with such poor timekeeping standards for the past forty years. I suppose that many keep a quartz watch handy to set the time of their precious mechanical watches In fact, the Observatory trials of the past were far more difficult than what JLC or COSC, or anyone else, applies today! JLC does indeed have a superior standard; their 1000 Hours Masters Series can be expected to be accurate to within the range of -1 to +6 secs/day and, interestingly, 1000 hours turns out to be the equivalent of 3 COSC trials. Present COSC standards mandate accuracy of -4 to +6 secs/day over a test period of 360 hours. So indeed the Masters watches are a higher challenge. My position is that both are pathetic and much better could be accomplished. One hundred years ago chronometry wasn't a minimum standard, it was a competition. Today, 95% of movements submitted to COSC pass the minimum standard and receive a chronometer certificate. In the past, Observatory trials rewarded the best with 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Honorable Mention prizes, plus publication of all those achieving more than 2/3 of available points. One could compare performance between brands and see a list of those that did not make the grade. I can see how COSC became the darling of the industry and replaced meaningful competition. After all, its only the customer that has to accept the same timekeeping standards since 1972, even though we are led to believe such great improvements have been made in movement design. I say, "prove it" and bring back true Observatory competitions! A bit of history FWIW; the Swiss watch industry petitioned the government in 1972 to discontinue Observatory trials in the face of two years of Japanese domination. Their solution was to create the COSC process which, being non-competitive, answered the immediate embarassement. In a real Orwellian move, COSC trademarked the very word "chronometer" so that it came to mean just what they wanted it to, rather than the objective and independent testing that was the original practice.
  22. Going to the Salon QP event tomorrow in London, thanks to the generosity of JLC, and seeing a whole host of beautiful watches from a wide range of brands. In addition JLC have invited me to a master class they are holding there where we will get to work on a Reverson Grand date movement I believe it is. I am really looking forward to the main event, but a little nervous about the master class - wish me luck please! Of course I will be wearing this... HAGWE Nigel
  23. Hi I'm looking for a ladies' mystery dial watch from the 1950s for my girl. Specifically, I want to find one with diamond hours marks with mesh bracelet. I'd like to find out more info about them. Can anyone link me to any website/blogs? Any info on them is appreciated. Thanks,
  24. The movement seems authentic, however, as the previous poster said the dial looks refinished and the crown looks to be a replacement. This will reduce the price but it seems real. If you buy it, get it checked out by a reputable watchmaker and they'll be able to tell you for sure.
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