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  1. I would also suggest you post in the TZ forum Home Page - TimeZone in the JLC forum. You have a lot more ppl there that know about JLC and folks that work closely with JLC who can get you answers.
  2. I just called Richemont Canada with regards to servicing my Reverso GMT and was told that the watch would be sent overseas for the service. Pricing for the service was quoted to start at $750 + $100 (shipping), any additional work found to be required outside of the normal overhaul process would be quoted to and agreed by me before proceeding. Everything sounds to be fair and reasonable but the entire process could take up to 3 months. Perhaps it's only Richemont Australia that's adding the "mandatory" part replacements? Seems like if you want a high-end piece serviced by the manufacturers, it's better to stay away from the local factions and just send the watch directly to the original factory.
  3. Hi. Yes the rubber strap would look great on it! its a 21 MM and yes you can use your deployant with it.
  4. I vote for the second one, from a female perspective.
  5. Jaeger-LeCoultre 1982 Solid 18k Gold Manual Men's Wristwatch w/ Box & Papers | eBay This would be my first proper timepiece if I managed to buy it. I would absolutely love to own this watch, but I can't go over 1000 dollars. I was going to buy a Frederique Constant classic 18k today, but then I saw this beauty on Ebay and it makes me want to hold up... is there a snowball's chance in hell of me actually picking this up for less than a G?
  6. Hello, You've tried in which watch? Regards
  7. To the OP: to me, moonphase looks very clean, very dressy. Although I have very little use of the moon-function, I think it makes the watch looks nice. The Master Geographic will be useful if you travel a lot. But the busy-ness of the dial doesn't speak to me. The Chronograph has very symmetrical & classic dial. It is also the most chameleon. You can wear jeans and looking casual, or you can wear it with your suit without looking out of place. Ask yourself: which one brings bigger smile? I think the Master Compressor Chronograph suits me well. For true dressy watch, I prefer the iconic Reverso Ultra Thin.
  8. Thank you very much rooneb Regards
  9. I vote for fake, the day hand doesn't go far enough and the movement is not decorated nearly enough. I'm no real expert but that's my guess
  10. Absolutely beautiful JLC man...big congratulations. It definitely seems like it could work really well on a LOT of different straps but I won't pretend to know what JLC offers...so good luck in your research and definitely post pics when you've got some other choices on it. Wear it in good health. Shawn
  11. I think you would be able to rotate those around quite happily with two chrono's (different metal) and the MC. Nigel
  12. Check with your local watchmakers, they may have them in their stash, if not, your local AD.
  13. The second pic' isn't showing for me but it's definitely of the watch I'd prefer.
  14. Camille Fournet is the supplier of OEM Jaeger LeCoultre straps. There are nearly limitless options on their site. The deployant will work perfectly with it if you specify the correct end width, although I'm not sure what that would be for that watch's 19 mm lug width. Just ask CF; they'll know. Here's one of their ostrich straps on my Reverso, if that helps:
  15. I have considered both brands - albeit I was never much into Navy Seals, partly due to its Navy Seals branding which I find absurd, lol - so I was comparing Deep Sea and FF and had gone to ADs on numerous occasions tyring to figure out which one I like more. I also wanted to have some sort of historical link to the past models and both of these claimed to be descendants of some well respected watches of the past, so I gave them both a shot. In this price range you are not going after gimmicks and while I don't mind Blancpain in general, I find their ownership by Swatch a little more cheapening and hence discouraging in comparison with Richemond. I also looked at resale values (not the right tactic for all, but works for me) and JLC is sort of keeping their value better than BP, at least on the models I researched. Still, JLC is no Panerai by a long shot in value-preserving category, but hey, they are trying:))) In terms of heritage, I felt that the new FF is an over-sized, over-hyped take on the original, not keeping much of the original character intact and grossly overpriced for what it is. JLC is doing a much better job on their replica of the Deep Sea and pricing is a little more sane, albeit not by much. As for "which one is more beautiful", this is really personal and while I like most of JLC designs, I don't find the NS series much appealing... something about the case proportions (too fat for their size), ceramic off-gray bezels and look of the rubber bracelet (I know it is comfortable but it is insanely difficult to match it with any business clothes) and the whole NS branding just made it look a little less mature and respectable than most of JLCs offerings. FF is a simpler design, well executed and probably suits more mainstream public really well, but to me felt like a very typical, mid range run off the mill dive watch. Well so what did I buy in the end? I actually ordered a JLC Master Compressor Chrono, on the basis of design, movement characteristics (i love 63 hrs PR) and quality of manufacturing, as well as brand's perception and standing. Being some 3K CHF cheaper than Deep Sea also paid its part:) I would refrain from wearing a 10K piece on my wrist while doing anything very active, which includes running, jumping and (potentially) falling off one's bike in a middle of a busy city road. This just dont sound like a good idea but may be its just me, I'd go with a 200$ seiko for active stuff and reserve my 10K pieces for office work and BBQ at home.
  16. that is not true. unlike spending 20k on a new watch, i find the experience of a 1k vintage watch that is slightly beat up, give you a different kind of satisfying feeling. if the vintage is not working, you have a journey to get it fix if you really like it. you read up about the history and, for me, i spend more time looking at my vintages than the new ones. i sold most of my new ones, especially the expe$ ones that i bought to impress, and is now mostly looking at vintages. now the vintage are about impressing myself, and i got so interested in the movements that i started learning about repairs. i still have desires for a new watch and i may get a new one again in the future, but it takes much more than advertising to impress me now. a lot more... and usually it is quite exp$ ...like GP's constant escapement.
  17. Pleased if I have helped put your mind at rest. Other than the doubt about the bezel, you enjoying the watch?
  18. Master control is also a good choice but i am more inclined towards master geo simply cos of its busy dial which is quite useful for travelers and the weight and size of the watch and how it looks on the wrist too. Master calendar is my second choice but quite tough to choose 1 out of these two. Kind a confused which is better of these two and in which bracelet black or brown leather?
  19. Congrats! I hope to add my 1st JLC soon as well!
  20. For sure, i agree with you, the dualmatic for example doesnt have the chrono function... I can live with this you just have few more work to adjust it hehehe.... Cheers
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