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    Zerone got a reaction from Josephsow in The Maintenance of my JLC watch   
    First I recommend you to send it to the JLC, and if there is nothing wrong with it, I guess the maintenance cost may not beyond $700.
    Second, for me, I won't let my watch to be polished.
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    Zerone got a reaction from bbt in Coming to show your dearest Seiko watch!   
    I bought this for my father, and it's also my favorite seiko.

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    Zerone reacted to buffmen in Share my Panerai PAM 321 and straps   
    I have worn mechanical watches for almost 20 years, and I always choose Rolex. But I have recently become greatly attracted to the Panerai’s changeable modeling. Its strap is easy to be changed, hence it can be equipped with various straps.
    Therefore, I could not help purchasing a PAM 321, and I am gonna share its beautiful photos with you.







    Another strap.


    It is on my wrist. My wrist is about 16.5 cm.





    Its has error of +3 seconds per day, it is nice.

    A group photo of all watches of mine.


    My new wotancraft "74" strap. I like its retro feeling, and I think it goes well with the watch.

    Various straps.


    TedSu crocodile golden strap. Wow, it is really beautiful.




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    Zerone reacted to steelmind in Come on, show your Rolex!!!   
    P.S. 65K2 is a toy gun. 

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    Zerone reacted to Kate in My Old Breitling   
    My Old Breitling


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    Zerone reacted to synequano in Post your Panerai pics here!   
    Haven't updated my Pamily picture but here goes

    This was taken in Mid-2012 (24,111E,292,177,372,23A,351)

    92 and 123

    Smaller Rads (62,184,338)

    Pam 441

    Pam 345
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