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  1. Absolutely lovely. That said, I'd personally be worried about softer gold for an "everyday" watch.
  2. I am supposed to go there tonight . I am kind of second guessing myself . I have bought more than one used and have gotten some really nice watches . I have seen brand new 11460's for as low as $6k at Jomashop but they only give a two year warranty and for some reason , no card . I have seen nice preowned ones that are less than a year old for between 6k and 6.5k from reputable sellers on ebay . I am looking at $7900 with tax and to me that's alot for a new no date sub even with the free services Also , I should have worded my post properly when I said that they should service the watch . The sales lady said that all I have to do is bring it in at around 4 years and say it's running a little slow and it WILL be sent back to rolex for inspection . She said that when they inspect the watch they service it (clean , oil , adjust ) .
  3. htchange

    Daytona Help

    it got to be a Stainless steel!!!!!!!
  4. So I went back to my AD who had a blue one in stock, as others have said its much better looking in person, a deeper darker blue than the pics show. Compared side by side with the old black one, the blue new version sits noticeably higher on the wrist given the thicker case back. They didn't have any of the new black ones in stock, but he said he thinks they'll send him a new black one when he sells one of his 2 old black ones, he mentioned Tudor knows his inventory counts. I'm quite a bit torn between all 3 watches now, I've always liked the original appreciate the cleaner dial, I appreciate the new movement, but now seeing it in person, I realize the blue is a serious contender as well... Here are some crappy phone pics:
  5. Hey guys, so when I turned 18 I purchased a 35 MM two tone yachtmaster with a blue dial. ( not sure of the model number ). As I was young and its been a 3 generation long tradition to save up for it. I didn't know much about the watch world back then ( still don't now, but way more familiar ) 6 years later I began to do my research looking almost every brand on the forums for the perfect watch. Time and time again after trying countless watches and brands I came back to Rolex. I'm at a decision and I just can't decide! I'm stuck! The watches I'm looking at are the following. 1. Submariner 16803 two tone 2. Submariner 16610 stainless steel I have seen many appreciation threads on the stainless steel one with various bands on it. And I just love how versatile it is. What's y'all opinions on the choices? Also I'm up for other suggestion. Price range is about 10K and below. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the kind words everyone! Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on whether you own the ETA Black Bay already) Tudor tells me that they have no plans to add the new movement to the Black Bay, so I imagine it will be several years if they do get around to it. I speculate that the Black Bay would be one of the last models to receive the movement because this helps differentiate their Pelagos and Black Bay lines, which are pretty similar watches(the same can probably also be said for the Ranger and the North Flag). That said, they were very explicit in their desire not to become fully in-house as a brand and to keep ETA around to keep the value proposition relative to Rolex going.
  7. Could some of you please post pics ? Love this watch, curious how the scratches look after a few months as the watch is so sterile.
  8. Thanks for the input everyone. can I ask, what is the grey market?
  9. I love my PAM 111but wouldn't trade my 216570 for it. However I wouldn't give up the PAM 111 when recently buying this either. They are very different and I do like them both for very different reasons. My wrist can handle the 44 size but nothing more. That would be the limit...
  10. I was really intrigued by these crazy french expressions "Clou de Paris" or "Rayon flammé de la gloire" in your post so i went to Rolex.com. Man, i'm a big fan of the Rolex prince ! Beautiful watch. EDIT: I didn't know but "Clou de Paris" is the name of a decorative motif looking like this: fascinating...
  11. For better or worse, this is probably not the best venue for complete information on a Rolex pocket watch, likely from the '30's or '40's. You might find more help at the Vintage Rolex Forum site...maybe. If you'd found an old Sub or GMT or Daytona, participants would be all over themselves commenting and congratulating you on your find, but a pocketwatch? Not so much. Whether that watch has collector value or is worth only the gold melt value is beyond the expertise of most of the participants here. If it has sentimental value to you, the by all means, spend the time and money to get it tuned up and enjoy using it.
  12. Exactly how big is your wrist? That photo of the 34 XVI on your wrist looks just about right, but closeup shots tend to exaggerate the watch size. Unless your wrist is about 5-5.5 inches in circumference, I still say track down a Mark XV at 38mm, and get it on the bracelet for the Hong Kong climate. On the other hand, I concede that sometimes small diameter watches look fine. I have a smallish 6.5 wrist, and felt the old Rolex Explorer 36mm looked better on me than the new 39mm version, which actually surprised me (I don't own either of them, just compared them once). So I guess it depends.
  13. Have u tried their soft strap? Will be cheaper than the metal.
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