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  1. Thanks guys! Now I have a very serious problem: how in the world am I supposed to keep it clean? For my Rolexes, I simply wash it with some mild detergent and run it under a tap. But this piece only has a 60m rating. I've read that soap is not good for the seals, and I/m sure polishing it with a microfibre cloth often does not bode well for the shiny bits. Any advice?
  2. Couldn't resist taking shots in the car And by the roadside Boxes...etc
  3. Today is a new watch day for me. Went down to the shop where they had a sealed piece. After handing over the cash, it's bye bye seal... And it's out Wanted the shop to size the bracelet, but he suggested to go to Patek service centre instead. So off I went. A hammer was required to size the bracelet!
  4. If you find the 5711 bracelet uncomfortable, I doubt you will find any bracelet that will fit the bill. My 5712 bracelet is hands down the most comfortable bracelet I've ever exoerienced.
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