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  1. I wanted a Tudor, so I got a gold plated one for a decent price, I wanted a semi project I assumed I can have it re-plated and wear it, after buying the first one I saw the Day Date two tone one which is nicer imo it was a deal so I grabbed it, but the catch was its missing the case-back :)
  2. Yeah I was pretty sure that Rolex only used stick indicies on dials from that era, or at least they had a majority with only stick indicies. I remember one watch that had a mix of arabic numerals and indicies, but I've never seen just numbers.
  3. Not sure about that, mine is from 2011, I've saw one from 2013 also with green lume. Perhaps the latest prod, but it would be a flaw IMO since the gmt hand and the first liner are green
  4. Looks good - but that is one thick watch!! You can definitely pull it off though.
  5. Nice review, but you know the rules, pictures or it didn't happen! Can't wait for my 'call'.
  6. Those are awesome. Not sure I could pull them off, but damn they are nice!
  7. Great review, the pictures really show off the vivid blue dial.
  8. I know it is genuine as I was the first owner when I bought it new in 2002. It has only been serviced by RSC all this time and nowhere else. It is a Y series 16200 Datejust. Is it common for a Y series Datejust to have a flat 4 and open 6 and 9? i just realized I have an abnormality when I read that this date wheel was discontinued in the early 80's in favor for the current date wheel. Any idea why is my DJ equipped with an older style wheel?
  9. According to their website, IWC offers 2 types of services: maintenance and complete. When I was looking around for an IWC, I asked sellers if they could provide service records if they had it serviced recently. One seller gave me this: It's described as a maintenance service and the work does is similar to what IWC says on their site. Another seller provided me this: Despite being described as a complete service, the work is similar to a maintenance service. If it was a true complete service, I would have thought it would mention complete movement disassembly and case/bracelet refinishing. I was wondering if anyone had a complete service done on their watch and what their service receipt says?
  10. Hello! I searched the webisphere for photos/suggestions for different strap options on the IWC Portuguese, specifically the all black 5001-09 model to no luck. Does anyone here have any suggestions or photos for alternate straps on this timepiece? Wanting to try something new.
  11. I was just browsing the IWC site, and the ss Spitefire on leather is priced at $10,400. I had thought it was previously priced at $11k+??? edit: looks like the Yacht Club had a price reduction as well as the IWC site has them listed at $12,700 and the 5001 has been reduced to an even $13,000.
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