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  1. FYI RSC does not refinish the titanium. my pelagos is there now and I asked.
  2. I really like the new 39mm OPs. Alternatively, how about a blue dialed Yacht Master? Daytona would be great as well, but God only knows if it will still be popular with women in 20 odd years. Nice sentiment.
  3. Toyota vs Lexus. Both reliable, both quality, but you cannot call them the same.
  4. If you are looking for "cheaper prices", Andrew Shear will not be the place to look. However, he only deals in top-shelf items. Most of the vintage watches I have ever seen him sell are only the best. He does have premium prices as well though.
  5. I personally think this watch looks great. Not too much gold and the dial is very nice. The gold adds a dressy touch to the watch. My friend has one and for occasions when he wants to be more under the radar, just put it on a rubber or leather or nato strap.
  6. I think what he said really echos with a lot of us here in WUS. I hope they listen.
  7. Hi All, I thought I'd share a few pics with you of a silver pocket watch with an IWC movement that my Dad gave me. The movement is un-jeweled, key wound and the hands are key set. The movement is signed International Watch Co. The case is sterling silver with the Chester hallmark dating it to 1878, the maker's mark on the case isn't too clear, either FP or PP. I'm thinking about getting lugs fitted to the case to wear it as an oversized wrist watch as I'm not a waist coat and albert kind of guy. Happy new year all! Tadpole
  8. Your watch model( jhonnyt) is the exact one I want to buy :) even the same color. It is such a stunning watch. Funny it doesn't have a date on it... How many years you own this watch? And what is the average price of this exact model? Btw how iwc excuse the fact that this watch contain eta movement, but still cost ( I guess) like in house movement?
  9. *Edit: The title of this thread should of course be "Snapped crown stem on Big Pilot".* So, not a great day for my Big Pilot 5004 as the crown seems to have snapped off. I'm not sure when it happened as it wasn't the result of a sudden drop or observable mishandling. I last wore it a day and half ago and carried it home in a watch case. When I reached for it today I noticed that the crown was sticking out as if it hadn't been screwed in. As I grasped it it popped off! So here it is, sadly separated from the timepiece to which it belongs. It's hard to capture in pictures, but the tip of the winding stem is slightly uneven where it snapped, which is to be expected. You can see the other end of the stem down the neck. It's surprising how thin the stem is relative to the massive watch and large crown. It's also quite long given the thickness of the casing. When unscrewed, the crown has a bit of lateral play in the first and second position. In the third position there is more lateral play as the crown is significantly farther out from the neck. The moral of this story is to be very careful when winding or setting an IWC calibre 5000! Now I'm off to my local AD, who incidentally is a licensed IWC service center and serviced the watch just over one year ago for the princely sum of $900. I wonder what the chances are of getting this fixed on their warranty...
  10. Hello, we have acquired a vintage IWC from our grandparents and would learn more about it. This watch did come with information on the movement inside that may be helpful. A back cover is missing. There is a JAPANESE MIYOTA 1L32 movement inside. If you could please help us shortly with a name, possible age, value, we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your help. King regards, smkkkk
  11. goodcitizen

    My 1st IWC

    Got it; misread what you wrote. The blue gator is indeed perfect, beautiful and very comfortable. But pricey to replace ...... RonB
  12. Thanks! I really appreciate your comment. As you mentioned, I guess it's the natural instinct that we have, our motivation of collecting. It's not materialistic, at least for me, the process of hunting, thoughtfully planning every aspect of it and then seeing it on your wrist... It's just really fun. I think it's an interesting level of collecting, first to be studying what you are interested in and then to be seeing those small details which superficially might look the same to others but which are actually important for you.
  13. Hello i can you tell me is this a real one because i can get it cheap so i dont know i dont want buy a replica
  14. Mind you, they're not official AD. They are grey import shops and thus you will NOT get IWC International 2 year warranty. Instead, you will have shop backed 2 years guarantee which is probably worthless outside Japan.
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