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  1. Beautiful! And, as you noted, wear and enjoy it.
  2. Yes you're crazy. You'll regret it for sure, just add a 2-liner pelagos and put the sub away for a little.
  3. Hey gang, I've got a buddy that has an older blue faced Sub that he is getting serviced. I have fairly well convinced him to not submit to the full RSC refit (crystal, bracelet, etc)...well, me and the several thousand dollar repair bill. His only concern is the condition of the bracelet. I understand David Young out of HK seems to be well regarded for bracelet repair. Is there anyone else that comes highly recommended? Someone in the states in case this non-WIS is a little squeamish about shipping off his two tone bracelet overseas? What about the usual suspects like Nesbit's, IWW, etc?
  4. Only right that we get our own too!
  5. Hmm... I posted a reply and it never showed. Interesting. I have the 70330n (grey center) and it has become my go-to chrono in my collection. I spent a year looking at it and debating over it before making the purchase. One of my mates has a HC blue, I even looked at his a lot before my purchase. I wanted to be sure I loved the look before spending the money. It's a fantastic watch and I'm glad I made my purchase. I can even use it as a simplified GMT, which is nothing short of awesome. My Tudor, she is a keeper.
  6. I went into an AD in Portland, OR this past Thursday and the guy told me that they have had a couple of blue ones come in, but they never made it to the sales floor, because they were already snatched up.
  7. H toothbras I like the oyster shape
  8. For me it's a nobrainer - I would choose the big date over small one.
  9. ybatman

    Incoming! Portuguese

    Congratulations! One day, I hope to own one of these.
  10. Greetings, The Staff and Administration of WatchUSeek would like to wish all our members, both new and old, a Prosperous New Year for 2015. It's you guys that make this community such a great place and we thank you for all your contributions during 2014. We can look forward to even more exciting discussions and promotions during the coming year ahead. From all of us to you, Happy New Year! Brad (CMSgt Bo), Helena (HelenaVS), and Philip (WatchSeekr)
  11. I love this watch but Im having a hard time swallowing its price know deep down its an ETA 7750 in a nice case. I have some ETA based luxury watches like my Breitling Transocean, but that only cost me $2500. And my 8500 Omegas which are technically assisted in-house movements cost me $3000-$3400. I cant find this IWC Portofino anywhere for less than $4300 (grey market) and Im struggling forking over that amount of cash for an ETA 7750. Dont get me wrong, I can tell the fit and finish is amazing but Im really having a hard time swallowing this pill. Any words or tho
  12. I got a chance to try this on my hand last night this is lovely, just felt that the rubber strap is a bit thin (light). And it costs very high in Hong Kong (HKD 45,000 with rubber strap whilst HKD52,700 with bracelet) with no discount being offered. I always wonder if the price is better in european countries
  13. It does not appear to be an original IWC. 1884 is when Breitling was founded, not IWC. Nothing shown on this watch makes sense to me. Pictures of the movement? If you're so intrigued, take it to an IWC retailer/jeweler.
  14. I will delete the other thread, sorry for the mistake.
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