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  1. I love how the panerai people are men of few words.
  2. Curent list is a Breitling Avenger seawolf (daily wear) Stowa MO (dress) Tisssot and VSA Quarts for weekend yard work type stuff.
  3. Hello all. I'm turning 30 soon, and wanted to get a new watch to celebrate. I've had a few ideas along the way, but I'm pretty sure it's between a Navi 01 46mm or a Panerai 422 What would you choose. Navi 01 46 Love the dial Size it perfect 5 year warranty Limited water resistance Automatic ( con as I will only wear one or two days a week) Pam00422 Cushion case Huge crown guard Hand wind movement Power reserve 26mm straps (con as it is too big) Unknown reliability on the P3000 movement I want this to be a weekend casual watch, as I already have a daily wear and a dress watch. Thanks.
  4. give george at goveburg jewerlers a call. In USA (PA), but know he should be able to help you, and he is a great guy.
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