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  1. Might want to investigate a local watchmaker w/ a Rolex parts account. My watchmaker will regulate, change bezel inserts, all while I wait and at no charge. dP
  2. It looks like a moisture problem as indicated by more corrosion near the date window. dP
  3. My watchmaker w/ Rolex parts account is a 3rd generation, well respected jeweler. He's proven himself, at least to me, over and over on all my watches. The price is great, I get to keep the old parts, but he's so damn busy it takes just as long as RSC. Go with who you trust. For me it's my local watchmaker. Btw, Rolex makes sure he has the training and facilities with random, unannounced visits to inspect his shop. I have a local AD that just lost their service accreditation from Rolex for keeping a sloppy shop and not maintaing Rolex standards. dP
  4. First, welcome to TRF! The main spring on my DJ needed replacement and my watchmaker [w/ Rolex parts account] fixed it for about $90.00. His prices are usually pretty good so not sure if your guy did the same work or not. I'd take it to an RSC and get a second opinion. Good luck, hope it's back on your wrist soon.
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