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  1. where is the review ?? Too many posts on this part of the site that are not at all reviews But to answer your querstion, resale valus sucks. Don't sell it or buy second hand :-)
  2. yeah, it's a collectors item and the bracelte is Rolex Style ... after some dope I could see a AP ROO stule bracelet but Rolex ???
  3. that's what I call a review Than you very much !!!
  4. FYI, not often seen for sale but there is one on Ebay now http://cgi.ebay.com/Panerai-PAM-360-...item3a6929ef8c
  5. a bit more about the movement Movement: hand-wound mechanical, Panerai OP X calibre, 16½ lignes, 17 jewels. Cotes de Genève decoration on the bridges. Glucydur® balance with Nivarox® I spring, 21,600 alternations/hour. Incabloc® anti-shock device. Power reserve 56 hours. Functions: hours and minutes. Caliber: OP X Base Movement: ETA 6497 Year Introduced: 2002 Power Reserve: 56 hours Jewels: 17 Jewels OP X
  6. Let me introduce you ; imo THE PANERAI GRAIL Panerai had 2 super grails, being the PAM21 which is the first limited edition ever made since Richemont bought Panerai in 1997. It was a Radiomir with only 2 hands. Platinum case and a vintage Rolex movement The other grail is imo the 203. A 1950 case with the original Angulus 8 days. These 2 are among the most collectible and most interesting modern Panerai watches ever made. Between 2000 and 2011 they made a few other stunning pieces like the 127 which is the first 1950, the Radioimir 232 aka the poor mans 21 and the Radiomir 249 aka California dial. These 3 were all limited editions and about 2000 pieces per reference were made. In 2011 the gave us the 372, a watch which perfectly fits in the same list as the 127, 232 and 249 But in 2010 they did something VERY special. For once Panerai decided to make a very limited watch (300 pce) , a watch wich was kind of a collaboration between Panerai and some well know Paneristi super fans. Rolexforums is the forum if you want to talk about Rolex, www.paneristi.com is the watchforum for Panerai watches. Anyway, Panerai listened to the imput from Paneristi members and moderators and doing so they came up with what Paneristi's would call the ultimate Luminor base. The result was the Panerai PAM360. A black DLC 44 Luminor with orange brown aged Luminova. In other words, a watch which looked a lot like the über grail Panerai 5218-202A Pre Vendom Marina Militare PVD Base Model So they listended to their most loyal clients and made this 360. They wanted it to be very special and not mass production to keep it even more special. ONLY 300 PIECES were ever made And they were impossible to get. I bought mine secondhand and paid WAY over list. But that was my only chance to ever get one. The 21 will cost you 10 times it's original listprice, the 203 4 times it's original listprice and I am afraid the 360 is in the same situation. You'll have to pay almost 4 times it's listrpice if you want one. 'Nuts !' You say ? Maybe but isn't everybody who pays thousands and thousands for one watch a bit crazy ? Besides, highly sought after and collectible watches will always have crazy prices. Also know that this PAM360 was sold out in a few minutes. Several thousands of Panerai lovers wanted this special piece and only 300 got one. The rumour is that about the half of these 300 went to well known and lesser known Paneristi members. Some were picked out, others had a lot of luck and were picked out with a kind of a lotery. You had to email Panerai Firenze if you wanted a PAM360 and they got several thousands of mails. The other half went to Panerai VIP clients. Who knows, probably guys like Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwazenegger and the rest ( a lot of actors or even ex presidents like Bill Clinton or supe rmodels like Heidi Klum) THIS is the link to the Panerai website and the news about this watch http://www.panerai.com/s_news_eve.xp...view_news_arch or a copy of this article Source : Panerai and here are som pictures of mine Specifications Model: Luminor Base Logo PVD Paneristi Production Year: 2010 Movement: Calibre OP I Power Reserve: 56 hours Water Resistance: 300m Dial Color: Black Bezel: PVD Steel Case: PVD Steel Caseback: Solid Crystal: 3.5mm Sapphire Diameter: 44mm Panerai PAM360, The Panerai made by and made for the most loyal and most dedicated Panerai fans ! Or crazy people like me who bought one secondhand and paid way too much LOL
  7. I love this watch very much. I would love to see it one day irl. afaik it is an extremely rare platinum piece but I would like to know more about the availability. On some forums I read they will make this watch 4 years, but a very few number per year. What is a few ? 50 per year ? 150 ? 250 ? 500 ? On other forums some people said it is impossible to get. They will dicontinue this platinum chronograph at basel 2009. I think the first examples were delivered half 2008.So this would mean less than 1 year production. I can't afford such a watch but I would LOVE to see one irl Will I ever get the chance to see one at the AD ? Thanks, L
  8. So now we have the 5170, the new Patek chronoe which replaces the sought after 5070. Which of both would you want the most ? Sorry, I did it wrong and will make a new post PLEASE DELETE THIS THREAD
  9. So now we have the 5170, the new Patek chronoe which replaces the sought after 5070. Which of both would you want the most ? Picture credits - the 5170 is the Patek press release photo, the 5070 is a picture I found on the net new 5170 discontinued 5070 The 5170 is only available in yellow gold but ofcourse red and white gold and platinum will follow
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