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  1. Speechless, what a great collection you have there. Congrats!!!
  2. Gorgeous watch, btw my deployant buckle fits perfectly fine on my wrist. It depends a lot on wrist size.
  3. m_reign

    My first Patek

    Congrats Heru! It looks great on your wrist. Wear it in greatest of health!!!
  4. Beautiful watch, one of my all time grails... Congrats!!!
  5. Thanks Mike, I understand it is not going to be easy but I was hoping someone has give it a try and was successful. Who knows maybe in next years release we may see a strap version, or at least that is what I am hoping for. Great watch by the way
  6. Has anyone tried fitting their 5980 SS watch with a strap? I am curious to know how that went. I am really interested in this piece if the strap was an option with the SS version ala 5726A, be it custom. I like the Rose gold that Patek has out but I am not a rose gold person.
  7. Thanks guys, I really appreciate your inputs. A good friend of mine who is into watches keeps telling me Nautilus is meant to be worn on a bracelet which I am in somewhat of an agreement. Having owned a 5726a previously, I am afraid I might not enjoy the novelty after some time which happened the original time. At this point 5712 & 5980 are truly my top choices. However long-term I hope I can procure a 5960p. Not sure if I should entertain myself with another Nautilus or wait for an extended period and get my true grail, 5960.
  8. Another poll question for my friends in TRF. I currently own a 5726-1a slate dial which I was contemplating to sell however things have changed and I have decided to hold onto it. I want to add another Patek and have looked at other models but other than a Nautilus nothing has catched my eye. I was thinking of adding another 5726a on a strap but having second thoughts of having identical watches. The other choices in mind is a 5712-1a or 5980-1a Black Dial. I like the white 5711 but not as much as the other two. Out of these 3 what do you recommend? and why? I appreciate all of your inputs!
  9. I know the materials are different but does anyone know or tried putting a 5960-1A bracelet on a 5960P? If so, does it fit?
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