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  1. Didn't know service dials could look so good!! Nice Service Red, Jason
  2. .... and then DC wore the 2220 in Casino Royale, all variants of one of the best looking watches ever made!
  3. I got 200 bucks off my Daytona, but that's it - never got any discounts on any watches - not from Omega, Hamilton or Seiko, either. But then again, getting discounts on anything anywhere here in Switzerland is almost unheard of, so my report might not be representative.
  4. I felt the same way when I saw one for the first time in the flesh. They are stunning. I felt similarly when I saw the licorice bezel version too. In my eyes the subtle differences between the GMT and the Sub set it apart just enough to make it a really special watch.
  5. the randomness is normal, no problems.
  6. Great review! I love my 5001-07. I picked it up in January from my favorite AD, Govberg Jewelers, and couldn't be happier. I had a small issue with the strap but IWC sent me a new one. I also agree with sean, if you're going to go with the brown strap, you have to get the Santoni. I'll be picking up mine later this year.
  7. I replied to your thread in the Omega section. If you love it, and can afford it,buy it! Luxury items such as watches are emotive and subjective purchases, and very rarely objective.
  8. thanks everyone, appreciate the feedback! I will most likely have it serviced. I figure if I am willing to put shell out that much for a such a nice piece, might as well have it serviced so it's running perfectly.
  9. linband

    Ingenieur 3239 Laureus

    Really? I thought they were one who released at baselworld...so the 'revamp' to the Portuguese lineup was 2 models priced at 30k+? Disappointing...
  10. Thanks Gents. And looking at the picture now I just noticed that the seconds hand is exactly as the one used in Vostok Komandirskie (one is on my wrist while typing). Is it common for different makes to share same parts, if at all?
  11. Wow, that's nice, a glass back, where did you get it ebay?
  12. The 40th anniversary was actually a very very decently priced eBay job. I simply love this watch. I try to rotate my watches & must fight hard not to over give it wrist time ...
  13. Can be installed but has the wrong profile, I believe. Your easiest best bet is to try an authentic type 119 crystal. Are you sure the crystal on the 350 is wrong? Did the seller include a side view?
  14. Dang. That's an awesome and very clean dial. I guess I will have to wade through eBay and look for something similar. Thanks for the model # though.
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