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  1. A vintage classic Omega Seamaster owned by fellow forum member Martin AKA JDC from the UK. A great wrist shot of a simple yet elegant watch that Omega once produced. It simply is just amazing that we have other great brands out there that are smart enough to capitalize on this great style but yet Omega does nothing to even remain competitive. It would be great to have this style brought back by Omega.
  2. And here are some other pictures that I found on the JS Watch Co.
  3. I must say gentleman that after thinking about this topic I went out on the hunt for classic styled watches and stumbled across this bad boy at the Jaeger AD today. I tried it on, looked at it for quite a bit and was in love with the look and feel of this watch. It kind of reminded me of the old vintage classic look that I am looking for. This one can be yours for about 8.8k at the AD. I'd also like to post another picture of another fine looking watch made by another company called JS Watch Company. I'm tempted to purchase the JS Watch Company watch simply because of the simple elegance and quality that I can get for the price which I believe is 3k. You can even get your name engraved on the rotor! I just wish Omega had something along those lines because I actually am a huge fan of that company but lately feel that they just don't cut it for me anymore. They're not keeping up with the times. Even IWC has a really sharp classic watch that I also tried on today at the local IWC AD and the price was fairly reasonable at about 3k retail. That watch looked amazing without even trying.
  4. I have seen many vintage Omega's that look very similar to some of the watches produced by Jaeger Lecoultre master controller line. If Omega would stay classic, maybe they would be doing a little better but it just seems like their styles are a bit too trendy looking. This is classic and I know Omega can step it up. If Jaeger can make a simple choice to market such a great classic look and be successful, I don't see why Omega doesn't do it. They've done it before and I'm sure many people would greatly admire those fine time pieces.
  5. The 1938 Pilot watch is simply amazing. I don't even think pictures can do this watch any justice.
  6. I was browsing the internet and stumbled across this picture of an old vintage Omega model and was amazed at the beauty before me. I have seen different vintage Omega's and can honestly say that I personally like a lot of the older models more than what has been out in the market Post some pics if you've got them. It would definitely be nice to see. Thanks. http://www.chronoworld.com/new/produ...product_id=268
  7. That is a gorgeous looking watch. I like the simple elegance of this watch. I also that it's 18k gold which is the gold that I prefer and have grown up having. Congratulations.
  8. yep. Unbelievable that others would even believe that guy.
  9. lol. Yeah, I couldn't believe it either. This guy is real and it turns out he has a few other videos. He claims that he's paid thousands on one particular Invicta.
  10. I just couldn't help but bring some good humor to the forum.
  11. Hi Kingdom. I'm glad that I could be of help. Post some pics once you get your watch. Congratulations on your decision.
  12. Thank you all for your comments. It definitely would be interesting to see how Seiko goes toe to toe with the European market. I am also eager to see what other watches are available in Seiko's Mechanical line. I am really thinking about pulling the trigger on the Sarb031. I think that it's a fantastic deal and also feel that it's a simple yet elegant watch to have. Like I said earlier, the only thing that stops me is the 36mm case....any thoughts? I have a 7in wrist.
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