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  1. so the flat 4 is the older version and replaced with the pointy four ?
  2. cool just took out my tool set found the correct slotted driver and simple as one two three and now my watch fits purrfectly.
  3. is it difficult to remove a link or two of the Submariner my watch is a little too loose for comfort and wonder if i should take it in or just do it my self ..? is this difficult to do ? and have you done it?
  4. rikki pm sent wondering what your mad skills are ? do you do all repairs?
  5. would love to see some examples of switching things up on your Rolex watches do you change up the bezels ,bands,hands ,face lets see some of your personal favorites..basicly want to see some awesome examples to mimic.
  6. thanks guys and yes the wife has actually been after me to buy one of those ultra sonic machines for her jewelry might just get her one for her B-day lol wouldn’t that be funny I can see her now sour look on her face and she would answer there better be jewelry in the basket of that machine…lol
  7. Well what is the best cloth and solution to cleaning up a dirty watch or to just polish it up without abrasives..just water and cloth? or is there a jewelry cleaner most of you guys use? I used to have a TT sub and used this jewelry solution that i use on my gold to wash the links (band) up in not the body of the watch and it worked well and thinking if there is a similar solvent you can dip the watch in to clean or would that ruin the seals?
  8. You say he did A service also what was serviced or replaced inside ?
  9. ok will do a search on the bezel swap have you ever attempted this?
  10. is it difficult to replace the black bezel with the green and vice versa to change things up? or does it have to be done by the Service tech at the Rolex facility? also is there a kit sold to adjust the band on your rolex in other words is there an oem kit by rolex? not just a screw driver..hope that made sense..lol seems my band is loose and want to remove a link or 2 since the jeweler just moved 2 links up in the band under the clasp and i want to remove them..is it hard to do ?
  11. lol so its a sub thing and the gmt 2 is water safe or at least pool safe 330 feet is more than enough ..thanks for the intel.
  12. Now I have the Submariner and when the crown is popped to the open position I can see the black O ring ..now does the GMT have the same O ring or is this only for the Sub and maybe the Deep Sea Dweller ? What is the GMT rated for as far as water depth? thanks for any insight. Roger
  13. wonder what happened to the original insert after he replaced it with the generic brand?
  14. Dallas did what better ? NY is closer to me what was the difference between the two?
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