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  1. I would say just start calling Tudor AD's and ask if they have one.
  2. Plenty of improvements. This article does a good job of highlighting many of the advantages of the new movement. http://www.watch-insider.com/news/th...hnical-values/ (The article is on the new 3255, but the new 3235 is the same movement minus the day function and likely will make its way into the oyster lineup) Rolex has been increasing the prices of its watches for years, but this represents one of their first advances in movement in quite a while. At least with the engineering work that clearly went into the development of this new movement, there's a greater rationale for the cost.
  3. you do realize Rolex has the serial number registered right? why would you give up your serial number to a shady looking website? what you're supposed to do is "insure" your watch, not the serial number... now they have your serial number, god knows what they do with it.
  4. So , I sold my M seadweller because I want a ceramic no date sub . I have always bought preowned because of the discount . My local AD is Mayors Jewelers . Ok , so I am going to put down 4k and they are financing my purchase for 30 months at 0 percent . They also extend the warranty another 5 years . My salesperson said that if I bring it back in 4 years and say it's running a little slow it will go to Rolex and get a free overhaul , she says I should be able to do this twice . The downside to this purchase is they want full price , $7500 . Any advise on perhaps negotiating them down a little . Also , do you think the service thing is legit . Mayors is a high end Jeweler down here in Florida . Thanks in advance .
  5. The only thing that makes sense is that is started off as a diamond dial, and the diamonds were removed. You can get an idea of what it should look like there.
  6. It looks original 34mm sized Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date model.
  7. Sticks! I don't think aging is much of an issue with modern lume. The discoloration in the older Rolexes was caused by the tritium (or before that, radium) constantly irradiating the luminous material. It literally toasted the lume over time. That doesn't happen with modern light-activated lume (e.g. SuperLuminova, Chromalight, etc.).
  8. It's not a better deal to buy the bracelet on the watch. With my AD, it was actually cheaper to buy on strap and then add the bracelet. Not much, but a little bit. It's definitely not a better deal, if you weren't planning to buy the bracelet at all. :) Good luck with your choice. They are very different in size. Try them on and see which one fits you better. I'm guessing it will be the Mark XVI.
  9. watchjanek

    next Watch Advice

    Good day fellow WUSers, I am having trouble picking my next purchase. The 3 that I am interested in are: 1. Omega Speedster Professional - Moon Watch 2. Breitling Superocean 44 3. IWC Pilot Chrono My current watch is the Omega Planet Ocean XL 2500d and I love it. It is such a beautiful watch. I have had it for 3 years and have kept it in great condition. I started off with a Tag Heuer Link two tone day date. I sold it to my dad to help pay for my wife's Omega seamster 300m midsized that I bought her for Valentine's day almost 3 years ago. I am leaning more towards the Breitling as I love big watches, divers and rugged watches that I feel I can wear with a suit. The moon watch is such an iconic piece and would hold it's value better, but I wish it would be bigger. And the 9300 is just way too much money for me right now. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, Ps. Any current owners out there that would like to share thoughts and Pictures are also welcome.
  10. If you're were more concerned about accurate timekeeping, you would buy a quartz :) Almost anything keeps time better than the 7-Day LOL .. I still love the 7 Day movement though.. I love that I can go away for a week and my BP is still ticking ..
  11. A dealer will only ever tell you the RRP when you ask. You have to do the discounts! if you know how to bargain you can get amazing deals. The prices I've gotten in Sydney are better than anywhere else I've price match internationally (including the U.S. when our dollar was at $1.05ish). Watches of Switzerland is my recommendation to the point where I don't even bother price shopping anymore.
  12. I would post this in the vintage watch sub-forum. I think the walking watch encyclopedias there will give you a quick answer. Good luck!
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