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  1. I bought this late last year. A 1953 vintage with bumper movement. ' alt='> '> Chris
  2. I bought one for my son-in-law. Definitely feel the weight but you get used to it. Certainly wouldn't stop me from stealing it from him if he ever took it off.
  3. 1953 Seamaster. Bumper movement.
  4. 1953 Seamaster, bumper movement.
  5. Well, Ive had my Aquatimer 2000 (Ref. 3568-02) for a whole week now. Long enough for my first impressions to have solidified. With your indulgence, Ill pass them on to you. This is the black and yellow version on the rubber strap with the proprietary quick release system licensed from Cartier. More on that marketing strategy in a moment. The watch is 44mm across, not including the crown, and 14 mm thick. This is a big, substantial watch especially for someone with smaller wrists such as mine (6.75 in). Im definitely aware of it on my wrist both visually and weight-wise. In the pictures below you can get an idea of its size especially in the comparison picture with the Sub. http://www.watchtalkforum.com/uploads/monthly_06_2015/photo-96.jpg http://www.watchtalkforum.com/uploads/monthly_06_2015/photo-93.jpg http://www.watchtalkforum.com/uploads/monthly_06_2015/photo-99.jpg Speaking of visuals, the watch is stunning IMO, if a little blingy. Ive read some dont care for the rather bright color scheme but I like it. If youd seen some of the guitars Ive owned over the years lots of inlay youd understand why the watch appeals to me. http://www.watchtalkforum.com/uploads/monthly_06_2015/photo-101.jpg The sapphire crystal is almost flat and is advertised as being double AR coated. Thats surprising because this watch reflects enough light to double as a signaling device! Thats one small demerit. Another is, the sapphire bezel is even more reflective. I dont know if its coated or not but it definitely reflects the light. In this picture you can get a good idea of its reflectivity. I did not have to try to get this much reflection. http://www.watchtalkforum.com/uploads/monthly_06_2015/photo-102.jpg Lets talk about the strap. I opted for the rubber strap because I wanted a sports watch that could handle the trail jogging and rainy winters here in the Pacific NW. The rubber is very comfortable and, due to the abundance of holes to choose from and the lug structure on the watch, the watch is extremely comfortable. I almost bought the bracelet version but the additional $1000 was a bit of a put-off. Ill probably wish Id gone that route because I read the bracelet as an aftermarket product is priced at $1600. You can just make out the strap mechanism in this picture. http://www.watchtalkforum.com/uploads/monthly_06_2015/photo-98.jpg Now, time for my rant. There are only three strap options; bracelet, rubber and hook and loop. Thats it. Nothing else. Aftermarket straps wont fit because of the proprietary strap changing mechanism. And the price for swapping out the strap? I've read (but have not verified) the bracelet is $1600 and the rubber strap is $175. The buckle is priced separately at $125. This is an example where they have you by the neck and theyre going to financially abuse you. Still, I knew this going in and bought the watch anyway but I still dont like it. A few other notes. The fit and finish is superb, as Id expect from IWC. Whereas the size and heft of the AT makes my Portuguese Chronograph seem almost dainty in comparison, it has the same almost jewel-like quality. It does have a screw-in crown. The movement is based upon an ETA 2892. This is the first watch Ive ever set to the US Govt. time clock and checked its accuracy. Would you believe less than 2 seconds fast in the last 6 days?! Boom!! Take that COSC Rolex Submariner! Lume is excellent though not outstanding. After having several watches with C3 SuperLuminova, Ive decided nothing else comes close to that lume. Still, the time is readily readable in the early morning hours so it lasts through the night. I do like how its sensitive enough to pick up whatever ambient light is available and give it back with a very subdued glow even in a partially lit room. Very cool. http://www.watchtalkforum.com/uploads/monthly_06_2015/photo-103.jpg http://www.watchtalkforum.com/uploads/monthly_06_2015/photo-95.jpg Thats about it. Overall, I love this watch and cant imagine ever parting with it but Ive said that before. Its hard to imagine though. Thanks for reading. Chris
  6. Three weeks ago I purchased a grail I'd been wanting for the better part of a year, the IWC Portuguese Chronograph (Reference 371417). This model has the stainless steel case, silver dial and blue hands. It also comes with the blue "croc" strap and stainless buckle. http://www.watchtalkforum.com/uploads/monthly_06_2015/DSC01905.jpg The watch measure just under 41mm which is surprising because it appears huge on the wrist, much bigger than the stated size. Side by side with a 44mm Sinn U1 or a Debaufre B-Uhr., it appears equal in size. I attribute that to the fact that the watch is all dial with a negligible bezel surrounding it. http://www.watchtalkforum.com/uploads/monthly_06_2015/DSC01913.jpg The movement is the venerable Valjouz 7750 which has been modified by IWC. Now I know what people are referring to when they mention the 7750 "wobble". The movement is hacking with two subdials, a small seconds and a minutes counter. The minutes counter only goes to "30" so its not much of a useful timer. That's fine with me as I purchased the watch based on looks and reputation first and functionality second. In typical fashion, the top plunger starts and stops the large seconds counter and the bottom plunger resets to zero. There is no date function, I haven't decided if I miss having a date yet. Some of my watches have date complications, some don't and I don't really care that much one way or the other. The power reserve is 44 hours. You can see from the catalog picture, that I had my choice of metals and dial colors. My budget only permitted me to consider the steel case versions. I was torn between the white dial/gold markers version and the silver dial/blue markers model. I ultimately decided that the silver and blue combination was more legible and went with that color scheme. http://www.watchtalkforum.com/uploads/monthly_06_2015/DSC01908.jpg The watch is only 12.3mm thick which I like. It easily fits under a sleeve and is light enough I hardly notice I'm wearing it. http://www.watchtalkforum.com/uploads/monthly_06_2015/DSC01912.jpg The back is solid. http://www.watchtalkforum.com/uploads/monthly_06_2015/DSC01910.jpg The glass is, of course, sapphire, convex with AR on both sides. It's not quite as effective at stopping glare as the coating on the U1 but it doesn't seem to smudge as easily. A trade-off I can live with. http://www.watchtalkforum.com/uploads/monthly_06_2015/DSC01911.jpg I've not closely checked the accuracy but it's excellent. I don't recall have to reset the watch since I bought it. All in all, it's a wonderful watch, very distinctive, very attractive and a bit of an icon. I'm very pleased with it and intend to keep it until I pass it some day to a grandson. http://www.watchtalkforum.com/uploads/monthly_06_2015/iwca.jpg Thanks for reading. Chris
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