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  1. https://www.facebook.com/RubberB/app_267091300008193
  2. Thanks guys! I put the strap on myself. I found it easy to install and for me the RubberB is a perfect fit on the Daytona.
  3. One more Rubber B wrist shot. Thanks for reading my review!
  4. Overview: I've worn my Rubber B with the Tang Buckle everyday for over a year. Fit: Strap fits tight against the watch seamlessly via solid inserts contained within the strap itself. Finish: Black starts off matte but after a while it gets a nice patina that matches the watch beautifully. Quality: Smooth thick "vulcanized rubber provides superior resistance to damage and is flexible and strong. Comfort: Excellent all-day comfort for any kind of activity. Durability: Time will tell but after one year of daily wear the strap is in great condition - no defects, tears, smells, or allergic reactions. Comparison: Omega SMP black rubber strap lasted only 1 year of constant use before tears through the tang holes required full replacement. Company: They stand behind their products and guarantee. I have spoken with them on a couple of occasions and they have been been both helpful and prompt in their response and resolution of my concerns. Conclusion: I would highly recommend RubberB! To Benjamin, Thank you!
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