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  1. Here you go buddy! PS: It's not mine, I actually got it from a previous thread on this forum. Don't remember who post it in the first place.
  2. Thanks everyone. I really appreciate everyone's reply. I think I should go for BLNR :)
  3. Fair comment :) but for £1000 does this watch look like a safe bet? Rolex 6694 Oysterdate Precision Vintage Men's Watch! | eBay Next year I shall be purchasing a dive watch, however I am currently just looking for a dress watch and I don't want to spend too much.
  4. Nice pics and review. I love looking at the fine details of watches. And that leather strap suits the watch perfectly, better than anything it comes with IMHO.
  5. A great watch from Tudor. A tool-watch that can be an only watch for anybody. I am not sure that I can follow the new busy dial full with text. It is indeed a "Rolex" way of making dials. In-house movement is great news. However, it is a totally new and not-tested over the time movement. On the other hand ETA has been proven tough. Many say that ETA-powered Pelagos will become collectible soon. So, get the 'old' version now or wait for new watch to hit the stores in a couple of months?
  6. My local AD in Houston called me yesterday to let me know she had one Tudor North Flag and one Pelagos Blue in stock. By the time I got there today, the North Face had already been sold. However, I had become more interested in the Pelagos Blue the more I read about it anyhow and once I saw it in person, I took it home. The addition of injected superluminova in the ceramic bezel and the expandable bracelet over the North Face pushed me in the direction of the Pelagos (along with the fact that my collection already includes a speedmaster professional moon watch and a 39mm Rolex Explorer I, so
  7. Congratulations ! Wear it in good health ! Watch seems in great condition with a perfect patina.
  8. I think you'll enjoy the watch very much for your first IWC purchase. I too purchased a Pilot Chrono 3717 as my first IWC watch and has served me very well...which lead me to other IWC purchases...which some say can be a very dangerous thing lol. Wear it in good health!
  9. I'm looking to buy an IWC Portugese Chronograph and wanted some advice on getting the best price. Retail on IWC website is $8600 but I've seen the watch on several sites (which appear to be unauthorized retailers) at $6450 (25% off). Is it worth going through unauthorized retailers for a discount or is there a way to get a comparable discount through an authorized retailer? I'm also still torn on the blue vs gold and looking to get some opinions. This is my first "nice" watch and I'd want it to be suitable for everyday wear, with both suits and more casual setting. Thanks in advance for the
  10. Hello Matt, Did you find any leads? I am on the market for a new IWC Aquatimer Chrono Cousteau edition IW376805 on a long strap, so maybe we should meet at Humbertown Jewellers and see what they can offer us?
  11. Hi everyone, I'm trying to look for an OEM strap for the 3878 (currently on bracelet) and am wondering if the deployment clasp used is specific only to this model. I checked with the IWC boutique and the price is, well, more expensive than the strap itself. I am thinking of just getting the strap on the tang buckle but am unsure if the strap is available in this option. Part of me is thinking of just ordering a different brown or black pilot strap and just use the tang buckle. Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Hi, I recently purchased my first IWC watch..the Portuguese automatic (500705). I also switched out the band to a dark brown band but considering the original black band. Do you guys recommend the black or brown band with this watch?
  13. Hi All I am just about ready to purchase the IWC Portugese Chronograph. I have done some reading on this forum and I'm curious for further explanation on what seems to be a general opinion that the watch is "not worth the money". I am interested in this watch because of its looks and I believe IWC is a respectable brand. Is this solely based on the movement not being in house? 7750 seems to get generally positive feedback on this forum. I am not particularly concerned with who makes the movement, how complicated it is.... I am concerned if it doesn't operate well and is not reliable. Am I
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