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  1. here are pics of my Helson Sharkdiver bronze watch.
  2. hi Asad, thanks i always love dive watches. ok will think of a way to put all my dive watches together for a photo shoot (without my other half knowing how many watches i actually have).
  3. James, welcome to the col moschin family!
  4. Happy New Year to everyone!
  5. Am having fun with the Oris Col Moschin watch. Big watch but you dont feel the weight. Must say the Power Reserve indicator does come in very handy to keep the watch fully charged. When I wear the watch daily, the indicator shows green (fully charged).
  6. Had my Oris Col Moschin for a week now. The watch feels very light for such a big watch, partly due to the use of titanium for the case and snug fitting rubber strap. The deployant buckle is easily adjustable to fit a range of wrist sizes, no cutting of the rubber strap is required. The titanium case comes with a satin finish and the bezel locking mechanism ensure the bezel is firmly locked in place. The rear case have a beautiful emblem of the Col Moschin Regiment, a very nice touch indeed. The dial comes with a power reserve indicator cum force indicator which easily shows the power reserve on the watch. When worn daily the power reserve is kept to the maximum charge.
  7. it works like a lock ring. very easy to operate. you lift up the outer ring to unlock the bezel and allow the bezel to turn anti-clockwise to set the mark. when that is done you depress the ring to lock the bezel in position. the bezel will not move once it is locked down.
  8. Finally got hold of my Oris Col Moschin watch. very nice black satin finish on the case. very light case as it is titanium and the engraving on the back cover is well done. I will be swapping a custom made black kevlar dive strap for the stealth look. Here is the Oris family pic.
  9. Here is the reply from Oris regarding the power reserve and force indicator. Guess both indicators work in tandem. The Power Reserve in Col Moschin has 2 indicators. The colour Green, White and Red means fully charge, half charge and empty respectively, and that does not give full details of the Power Reserve. The Force Indicator function acts like the Petrol tank meter in the car, it gives you information like, whether the power left with ¾ or ½ filled.
  10. I'm not sure what the Force indicator is referring to. From Oris website the functions are stated as follows. Functions: Centre hands for hours, minutes and seconds, date window, date corrector, power-reserve display, fine timing device and stop-second. I handled the watch last weekend. It was very lightweight because of the titanium case and rubber strap. Slightly smaller (49mm vs 51mm) than the Prodiver Chronograph model released last year.
  11. The new Oris Col Moschin LE diver watch is released this month. Limited to 2000 pieces worldwide. Retail price around US$3700. Any fans out there?
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