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  1. everyday rolex?

    I'm loving the watch, not so sure about the 'dog collar' though.
  2. Vintage Rolex for around £1000

    Nice looking watch. Be aware that it's a manual wind, i.e., you'll need to wind it every day; he says it's a "hand winding" movement. But I like that sort of thing, rather like feeding your cat or dog at a regular time every day to keep him healthy. I bought my ca. 1971 Date from an AD in late 2000. It was SS, gray dial, and came on a black leather Italian-made strap, no Rolex buckle. I've since put it on an aftermarket Jubilee bracelet, and had the dial swapped for sapphire blue at Rolex Dallas during its 2007 service. It keeps great time and is a pleasure to look at and wear. I'm not worried about its value vs. one with an authentic Rolex bracelet. It and my 1978 5513 Sub are my steady watches. So if you like the Precision, go for it!
  3. GMT Master Bezel Insert: Black VS Pepsi

    I suppose you could always go with a Submariner bezel...
  4. Tudor Pelagos Review

    Great review and great watch - only issue is 5 liner text. Pelagos should have been above under the Tudor, Geneve. I don't know if Dan remembers.. but during last year's GTG.. I was telling him to become Tudor AD as it goes well with his collection of watches. Good to see Timeless carrying Tudor now.. but I already got my Black Bay :)
  5. A Rolex dilemma

    I can afford one, without flipping one, at least if I wait my christmas bonus. Hulk and black sub don´t speak to my, but Kermit somewhat. GMT master Coke or Pepsi might still be THE one - and that GMT function is quite useful to me. Sales corner here is problematic (most sellers are from Northern America) due tax and VAT, if I buy outside European union, VAT is 24% and Euro is week now. So I have to find it within EU.
  6. Representing my new Tudor BB.

    Congratulations. These are fantastic watches. I wear mine all day every day and the accuracy is stunning. Mine says hello
  7. IWC in San Francisco?

    Hi, This is my first post on the forum, so I hope that I posted it the right place. Im on vacation in San Francisco, and looking to buy a IWC mark xvii. I've been to Shreve & Co, but the watch is 4,900 + tax and they won't give any price reduction. To me that sounds a bit expensive, especially because it is available for 4,000 many places. Does any of you know a good place in San Francisco to buy the mark xvii? Best, Niels
  8. Rome under the snow

    Friday morning it snowed for a couple of hours: Without attaching much: The night between Friday and Saturday is snowing again: Dawn: At 10 am: This 1100 Fiat probably also saw the snowfall of 1956: Roma. Unique He shoveled snow all morning, now he's tired Here he is again ready. A true Roman, of those who have made this city: ME. Before: After:
  9. Advice on case type

    Your right Arizone , missed the hand colour , never mind should be able to find some. I have a 2 O'clock crown one with this dial so this is to go with it. Guess I'll search for type 34 cases going cheap then swap the hands over too. Thanks for the info.
  10. Mystery Sportivnie

    Mroatman, here are doubts I have about your "Sportivnie": Wrong movement as you have already mentioned. No jewel count or place of manufacture on the dial. Smudged line printing most noticable between "7" and "8". The "2" at "12" and the "2" appear to be a different size as do the "1" and "0" at "10. The appearance of possibly lumed numerals and non-lumed hands doesn't make sense. In my opinion the dial is fake and this is not a sportivnie.
  11. Help me with your great knowledge.

    Shucks. I was hoping it was all original. But with doing zero homework before purchasing it I guess I can't really be disappointed at all. I think I paid more for the band anyway. So for $50 I can't complain at all. Really appreciate all the info guys.
  12. Slava 1600

    Slava dress watches have some of the most elegant design. This one is a beauty.