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  1. Impeter

    Hulk or Batman

    BLNR for me!! Love the combination of colours, and in the UK they are +£500 secondhand, so it's not just me ;))
  2. I have postponed my appointment until tuesday to think this over a bit , plus its really lousy down here in FLA. right now . Please keep the advise coming . Thx .
  3. Welcome to the forums! That's one serious sports watch! Enjoy!
  4. Ok, so this is coming from someone that owns all 3 of them (although my TOG is the white)......my 16660 and 16600 are favored heavily over my 16800s and my TOG. Take it for what it is worth......which isn't much....just one guy's opinion.
  5. SubC ND Explorer I Milgauss z blue
  6. Hi all, I have been a reader for a while, but never posted anything. I come to you because I am about to make my first IWC purchase: a Pilot Chrono 3706. This picture is not of the actual one I am getting, but I will post some as soon as I have it on my wrist. It is in pretty impeccable shape. I believe this will remain a classic chrono for ages to come, and that is why I chose it. And it was at a pretty good price as well, so that helped. What do you guys think of this as a first purchase?
  7. Hi, I'm wearing it on the bracelet - the watch was designed, after all, as integral unit with the bracelet. As for people not knowing what watch that is - I'm perfectly fine with that. In fact it is deeply satisfying to wear a "secret treasure". I know what I have and I don't need external gratification. I hope the day when I start wearing watches for other people to notice will never come... But while we're at it: I noticed in your signature that you have a Tag Heuer F1 GMT. I'm seriously looking at the Aquaracer GMT - pretty similar to the F1. How do you like the F1 GMT? I'm particularly interested in overall quality, accuracy, lume and wearability. Thanks
  8. there is not enough for me to make anything of it. It could be a Vostok, but I think the Romanian manufacturer Orex also made some watches with dark metallic dials. The strap looks like the Russian 'Gagarin' style.
  9. Certainly a defect, here is the stock pic: Contact Julian, you'll have no problem getting everything resolved with him, he's a pleasure to deal with.
  10. That would be a better bet, as it would also give you the crown as well, I have a spare 34x case if you want it kev also a bezel, but no crystal may have a crown/stem as well. Cheers Matt
  11. Not as sleek and cool as it's younger sister the Amphibian. I would like to hear some of your thoughts on the new ones and see some of your photos. There are a couple things that has me thinking about one over another amphibian and that is price and this one has a very clean easy to read face. What do you all have to say?
  12. i ordered green dial with small seconds on 11 dec but today Meranom returned me that its out of stock.I hope it was vostok factory`s fault... So i changed my order to black dial with small seconds on bracelet .. Meranom promised to send me in the beginning of next week ( I live in moscow) I will share the photos when i receive it...
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